Wife Carrying 2010 – Irish Heats

July 2009

The Irish heats for the 2010 Wife Carrying Championships in Finland were held last weekend in Sneem, Co. Kerry as part of the Sneem Family Festival

Naturally, the weddingdates.ie team were out in force and James and Ciara managed to improve their time to 1 minute 38 seconds!! Not bad for the couple who came 35th out of 35 in Finland! Paul and Claire came in a time of 1 min 52 secs but it was last years 2nd prize winner Kate Whelan (carried this year by Fintan Lawton from Kinsale) who made the podium to collect flowers, champage and a very respectable 3rd place with a time of 1 minute 17seconds. Unfortunatly they weren’t allowed wear their weddingdates.ie T-shirts on stage though as the event was sponsored by Paddy Power.

A publicity photo was taken for d’paper and I was delighted to see myself and James in both the Irish Times AND the Independant yesterday (even if it wasn’t the most flattering pic in the world!)