Simplify Communication With Your Customers With The WhatsApp Business App

Looking for a new method to communicate with your customers?

In today’s tech age we are inundated with apps, text tools, and social media channels allowing consumers to interact more closely with businesses. The WhatsApp Business App provides a simple solution for complicated communication lines and can create more valuable interactions with customers.

What is it?

The WhatsApp Business App was introduced in early 2018 as an Android app positioned towards small and medium businesses. The app is now available to download for both Android and IOS devices. The messaging app makes it easy for businesses to connect with their customers while strengthening relationships and increasing loyalty. Today, WhatsApp Business allows even larger businesses to connect with customers across the globe in a simple and reliable way. It’s a lot like regular WhatsApp but with just with a few extra features to make it compatible with doing business.

  • Rather than your normal personal profile, you have a verifiable business profile. This can be updated with the company address, email, website, business hours and your brand image.
  • You can also view stats that measure message open and read rates and use tools that make it simpler to respond to your customers.

Why use it?

Engaging with customers is at the cornerstone of any business. Listening to concerns or just having a conversation opening the doors to a stronger mutually beneficial relationship. If your customers feel supported, they are more likely to return with their business and recommend you to others. It gives us the opportunity to get feedback quickly from them, let them know about any offers we have or get content on short notice.  

  1. WhatsApp Business only allows businesses to message users that have provided their phone number and agreed to be contacted. This, along with the fact that businesses have contact profiles, creates a feeling of authenticity.
  2. Open the doors of communication. Some small businesses or traders may find it difficult to get back to emails while they are managing their day to day tasks.
  3. By using WhatsApp Web, you can respond to messages directly from your desktop.
  4. Manage your profile by using away messages to be more responsive to your customers to indicate when you are and aren’t available.
  5. Quick reply messages can also be used for frequently asked questions.


If this sounds like it could be a useful tool in opening the conversation with your valued customer base, then why not give it a try? We are! 


Interested in getting in touch with us through WhatsApp? Send us a message at +353 87 757 5114