What’s New with WedPro: 2024 Q2 Update

What's New With WedPro Software - 2024 Q2 Product Update

We have brought a range of brand-new features to our sales pipeline management software! Discover all the latest features in our 2024 Q2 WedPro update and experience how it can streamline your wedding venue operations.

As we wrap up Q2, we’re excited to share the latest software updates from WedPro.Our mission is to provide wedding venues with software that truly makes a difference in their daily operations and helps them achieve their goals. Our dedicated development team has been working tirelessly to roll out numerous new features designed to streamline repetitive tasks and provide clearer insights into your performance.

Our development roadmap is shaped not just by our team, but by valuable customer feedback and requests. At WedPro, we believe in a true partnership, valuing your input and striving to meet your evolving needs. Here’s a look at the latest enhancements to WedPro.

Features available to ALL WedPro Customers 

  • WedPro Academy 

Getting set up with new software can feel overwhelming, here at WeddingDates, we understand the challenge that comes with learning something new and want to support our customers every step of the way. That’s why our courses in WedPro Academy are designed to be your friendly guide through setting up WedPro software and making the most of your WeddingDates listing. Whether you’re new to WedPro or a seasoned user, WedPro Academy has something for everyone. With our easy-to-follow video lessons and quizzes, you can learn at your own pace, offering a flexible and convenient learning experience. Upon completion, proudly display your certificate of achievement on your website, social media, or portfolio.

We’ve launched with two courses to get you started, but that’s just the beginning. As we move forward, we’ll continue to expand our offerings to provide even more value to our customers.

Become the best WedPro you can be with WedPro Academy – enrol for free today! 

Introducing WedPro Academy

  • Notes Flag

In June we added a Notes Flag feature in the Enquiry Manager. This new addition replaces the “Alternative Date” field, which has been gradually phased out post-Covid. Now, you’ll see an “N” icon in the enquiry overview, making it easy to identify which enquiries have manual notes added. This enhancement streamlines your workflow by highlighting important notes directly in your overview, ensuring you get all crucial details about your enquiries.

Experience the power of WedPro – book a demo or introductory call with Alix or Carys here. 

  • Aged Enquiry Cleaner 

Our system now automatically identifies enquiries from two months ago that are still open in your enquiry manager but haven’t been assigned a showround date. With the new Aged Enquiry Cleaner, these enquiries are seamlessly moved, providing a much-needed cleanup in your dashboard. This guarantees your system remains up-to-date and organised.

Each week, you’ll receive a comprehensive list of enquiries that were moved in the last seven days, allowing you to stay informed and on top of your leads effortlessly.

Discover additional details and features of the aged Enquiry Cleaner here. 

WedPro Essential Software Features 

  • Showround Report  

The Showround Report compiles meticulous data for each wedding enquiry, providing a comprehensive view of all relevant information. It features user-friendly tools such as date filters and staff member sorting options, making it easy to navigate through details. By examining lists of requested, scheduled, and completed showrounds, users can gain valuable insights into their performance. 

This report will offer you visibility into the volume of showrounds being booked, no-show percentages, conversion rates from enquiry to showround, and from showround to booking. 

NEW WedPro Showround Report - Sales Pipeline Management For Wedding Venues

  • Lead Time Reports

Explore the versatility of WedPro’s lead time reports with three distinct options: Showround, Booking, and Wedding. The Showround Lead Time Report assesses the duration from the initial enquiry to the scheduled showround. Meanwhile, the Booking Lead Time Report focuses on the period from the showround to the couple finalising their booking. Lastly, the Wedding Lead Time Report analyses the time frame from the initial enquiry to the actual wedding date. 

Each report offers convenient filters for start and end dates, as well as the option to filter by staff member. The results for each report include the average lead time for the enquiries, accompanied by detailed individual lead time data. 

Read more about the showround and lead time report here. 

NEW WedPro Lead Time Report - Sales Pipeline Management Software for Wedding Venues

  • Conversion Rate Report

It came to our attention that sometimes users may not consistently input showround dates for each booking. We want to ensure that all bookings, regardless of whether showround dates are provided, are accurately reflected in the Conversion Rate Report. This enhancement will ensure that our reporting accurately represents the success of our customers’ sales efforts. 

Now, regardless of whether showround dates are provided, you can accurately track your overall conversion rates per source of enquiry and make informed decisions on where to spend your marketing budget, to drive your business forward.

Find out more about the updated conversion rate report here. 

Sample Conversion Rate Report WedPro


Like what you see? This is only a fraction of the capabilities WedPro’s sales pipeline management software can offer your wedding business. Why not request a demo so our team can show you? 

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WedPro Advanced Software Features

As we continue to enhance our platform, we’re excited to introduce several new features designed specifically to empower our WedPro Advanced customers. These features are crafted to streamline your workflow, provide deeper insights, and elevate your overall user experience. 

The following features are available to all WedPro Advanced customers:
  • HTML WedMails

With HTML compatibility, you can now create visually stunning emails that will captivate couples! The new editor allows you to customise messages at each WedMail stage with options for bold, italic, underline, font colour, and font size. For more stylised emails with branded headers and embedded images, use the HTML source code for ultimate customisation and design freedom.

For a comprehensive look at WedPro’s HTML compatibility, visit this page.

  • Bulk Emails

The new Bulk Email feature allows venues to send one email to multiple enquiries simultaneously – allowing you to reach groups of contacts effortlessly! This provides you with a way to communicate with your couples outside of the WedMail journey. 

Example: Inviting open enquiries to an upcoming wedding event at the venue. 

WedPro Bulk Email Feature

  • Custom Emails

The Custom/Blank WedMail feature lets you compose emails from scratch, tailoring your messages to suit the unique needs and preferences of each couple or situation. Send emails directly from the WedPro dashboard ensuring all outbound communications are logged in one place – a big benefit for distributed teams and to keep records consistent.

Check out more about Bulk and Custom Emails by clicking here.

  • Lead Capture Tool 

The BRAND NEW lead capture tool automatically imports third-party enquiries into WedPro’s enquiry manager and forwards email enquiries directly into the platform. This integration allows for a more streamlined and efficient process for managing your enquiries. You will save time, reduce manual data entry, and ensure that no potential leads are overlooked. 

More information on this amazing new feature will be released soon. If you can’t wait for the public release book a call with our sales team and they’ll be more than happy to walk you through it! 

  • File Attachments 

Including file attachments in emails will streamline the process of sharing important documents and collateral with your couples. You can now include PDFs, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, CSV, and TXT files at each stage within your WedMail templates. Example: Attach quotations, booking confirmations, wedding showcase flyers and so much more!

WedPro Wedding Venue Software File Attachments

Coming soon! 

In addition to the features already available, we’re excited to give you a sneak peek into some of the enhancements that will be coming soon to WedPro. While we can’t reveal everything just yet, here are a few of the innovative features you can look forward to in the near future:

  • HTML Enquiry Confirmation Email: This feature enhances the compatibility of the automated enquiry confirmation email, ensuring it supports HTML format. This email is sent automatically once a couple fills in the lead capture form.
  • Group Dashboard: The new Group Dashboard will allow Group Managers or representatives to view the performance of all venues within their group. It includes comprehensive reporting, providing groups with a centralised view of all data.
  • Guestline Integration: With this new integration all enquiries can be managed in WedPro and automatically synchronised with Guestline’s Advanced Conference and Banqueting module. It will allow for an error-free, real-time exchange of data between two systems.
  • SPOITLY Report: This new report will be an enhanced PACE report showing data from the same point in time last year. It enables more accurate measurement of your performance over time.
  • ROI Report: The Return on Investment (ROI) Report expands on the conversion rate by source report. Once released, this feature will enable you to input your investments across different sources or platforms and calculate the ROI based on booked weddings. This provides clearer insights into the effectiveness of your marketing expenditures.
  • Custom Enquiry Fields: This feature will allow you to add custom fields to your enquiries, enabling you to collect additional information such as marketing consent and wedding package preferences. Additionally, a reporting function is included to help you track and analyse the collected data.
  • Customisable Settings: Throughout the summer, we will be enhancing the settings page to allow clients to customize various elements of their dashboard. Once these updates are live, the new settings will be accessible under “My Account” in the top right corner.

Boutique Hotelier Award Best Hotel Technology Product Winners WedPro by WeddingDates

Partner with WedPro and say “I Do” to success! 

At WedPro, we are dedicated to continuous development and innovation to ensure our award-winning software meets the evolving needs of our valued customers. If you’d like to learn more about WedPro or are considering upgrading your WedPro Lite or Essential Package to Advanced, we invite you to book a demo or obligation-free call with our team. Experience firsthand how our latest features can transform your wedding venue operations. 



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