January Round-up; What’s New At WeddingDates

2023 Whats New With WeddingDates - Team News

After a well-deserved holiday, the team at WeddingDates are back, rested and ready to go. We look forward to seeing what the Hospitality Industry has in store for us this year, but we are very optimistic about what lies ahead. 

Service Development 

In 2022 we rebuilt the system from the ground up, which will help us with stability and security in the coming years. We have an exciting development plan for the next 12 months to double down on the groundwork laid in 2022 and we can’t wait to share our upcoming updates with you.

Awards Recap 

In case you missed it, at the end of 2022 we announced the winners of our annual Top Rated Wedding Venues competition. A huge congratulations to the winners in Ireland and the UK who were crowned based on hundreds of outstanding reviews submitted from their recent wedding couples. 

We’ve put together a video announcing of the winners or you can check out the list of winners in Ireland and the UK

Growing Our Team

We are starting this year strong, and welcomed two new members to our team. Third-year MTU student Ali Byrne is joining as a Marketing Intern for 15 weeks and Mizan Potgieter has been appointed as our new B2B Marketing Specialist. In August 2022 we also appointed Jasmin Waller as our Customer Success Specialist and we can already see the positive impact she’s had on the company and our overall customer satisfaction. 

New Staff Members At WeddingDates

Meet The Team 

Alix Matania-Allerton, one of our star sales managers, is based in the UK and has been part of the WeddingDates team for nearly 6 years. Having planned weddings for more than 8 years, she is all too familiar with the key challenges for teams in the wedding and hospitality sector. You can read the full interview with Alix here

2023 Wedding Industry Report 

We sent out our survey to newly engaged couples over the past few weeks and have gathered their feedback. We’ve received almost 3000 responses that we’ll be analysing for our 2023 Wedding Industry Report. Ciara will host a special webinar on the 14th of February, to talk about the key findings of the report with the release following that. You can register for the UK Webinar here and the Ireland Webinar here.  

Wedding Industry Report 2023 Registration WedPro UK Ireland

Events We’re Attending

It’s a busy January for events. Alix and Ciara attended the Master Innholders Hotel Leadership Conference in London on the 23rd and 24th of January and learned a lot about thinking beyond the bubble. Carys attended In4Hospitality in York and Liverpool on the 25th of January and Manchester on the 26th. She was part of the panel of industry experts that discussed the hot topics of hospitality and had a great time networking. Ciara and Carys will also be at the 2023 Best Western AMC in Edinburgh on the 30th and 31st of January. 

 29th Hotel Leadership Conference presented by The Master Innholders

NPS Survey Results

Towards the end of 2022 we sent out our first NPS survey request and we are delighted with the responses we received. As a company, we always aim to improve and receiving that feedback from customers is vital for us to succeed. We received a 59 Net Promoter Score meaning 92% of respondents gave us a rating between 7 and 10 and 55% a full 10/10. 

We appreciate each customer that took the time to respond to the survey and we will be reaching out to you personally in the coming weeks. 

A special thank you to all our loyal customers, your business means the world to us. We hope 2023 will be a successful year for your venue and we look forward to supporting you every step of the way.  

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