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Wedding pros who are ready to grow ft Ciara Crossan

Listen to Ciara Crossan, a guest on the latest Podcast episode of “Wedding Pros who are ready to grow” with Becca Pountney: What’s frustrating your wedding couples?

On March 8th, Ciara Crossan, Founder and CEO of WeddingDates, marked International Women’s Day by joining wedding business consultant and speaker Becca Pountney in a discussion about the latest wedding trends and her experiences as a female entrepreneur in the wedding industry. Today, this insightful conversation is available for all wedding professionals to enjoy!

In this engaging episode of the Becca Pountney Podcast, they delve into the theme of “What’s frustrating your wedding couples”. Discover the captivating story behind WeddingDates as Ciara shares her journey, from the inception of the idea to its realization 16 years ago when she was just 25 years old. Gain insights into the challenges she faced and the remarkable growth she achieved over the years.

You’ll not only uncover Ciara’s fascinating journey but also explore the latest findings from our research covered in our latest Wedding Industry Report. Learn how you can apply this valuable data to enhance your own wedding business or venue. Tune in for a rich discussion filled with insights and inspiration drawn from Ciara’s experiences and the ever-evolving landscape of the wedding industry.

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Here is a snippet from the podcast:

Becca: So what I would love to know is what are some of the key things that you’ve seen coming out of this year’s report that are specifically useful for wedding pros and wedding venues to know?

Ciara: So one of the massive things that stood out for us this year, we asked couples, you know, how the whole wedding planning process made them feel. Over 70% of couples said that they were underwhelmed. I think it was 73% or 74% of couples said that they were underwhelmed. They weren’t made to feel special when inquiring and going through the process. And that figure just shocked me, shocked me, honestly. So that means like only one in four are actually like, Ooh, I feel so special, this is such a lovely experience. It is. You know, three-quarters are like, meh, they’re not feeling the love and it just blew me away and I just think, you know, it is sad and it is a bit shocking, however, I always, I’m a, I’m a bit of a positive, positive person or try to, try to look at the positive glass half full. I always think, okay, let’s flip that. What’s the opportunity there? You know? So if the majority of couples are feeling underwhelmed, then it’s very easy to stand out from the crowd. Right, so that’s what I would say to the wedding pros out there, because so many people are doing this at a very, either a bad or a mediocre level. You know, standing out is actually not that hard to do.

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