Wedding Fairs Making A Comeback

Wedding Fairs Making A Comeback in 2023 WeddingDates

There is no better way to get feet through your door than to host a Showcase, Wedding Fair or Venue Open Day. And the good news is, wedding events are back! And couples are more excited than ever to attend.

It is an excellent opportunity for local vendors and suppliers to showcase their services and products and to attract engaged couples to your venue. The data from our 2023 Wedding Industry Report revealed the main priorities for couples are to get inspiration, and to meet vendors, meaning wedding events are once again prime sales drivers.


This year, the wedding fair is back with a bang. With many couples unable to attend these types of events due to the pandemic restrictions they are more eager than ever to visit the venue in person. This year, a whopping 76-80% of survey respondents in Ireland and the UK told us they’d been to or are planning to go to a wedding fair before getting married.

The top three reasons why couples love wedding fairs?

  1. Getting Inspiration
    Attending a wedding fair can give couples inspiration for their wedding day. They can see the latest trends in wedding dresses, flowers, decor, and more. Seeing everything in person can help them visualise what they want their wedding to look like and give them ideas they may not have thought of before.
  2. Meeting Suppliers And Vendors
    Couples have the opportunity to meet potential vendors in person, which can be a huge advantage. They can see the quality of the products and services firsthand and ask questions directly to the vendors. This will help them make more informed decisions about which vendors to hire for their wedding day. Some vendors and venues offer special deals and discounts on the day, which can save couples money on their wedding budgets. This can be especially helpful for couples who are looking for ways to save money.
  3. Seeing Function Room Set Up
    It can be challenging to imagine how a blank space will look with all of the wedding decorations, but seeing it set up can give couples a better idea of what to expect and how their own wedding could look. This can also help couples make a more informed decision about which venue is right for them and which function room or decor style they prefer.
What do couples love about wedding fairs 2023
A Fair To Remember

Organising a successful wedding fair or open day is an excellent way to showcase your wedding venue and connect with engaged couples. However, planning and executing such an event can be challenging. The main goal for the day is to get interested couples to book your venue so be sure to have your calendar ready and updated. The aim is to convert those looking into bookings. If you use WedMail your job will be halfway done! All you have to do is input the data and your pre-built email sequences will do the chasing for you.

Our team has put together some helpful tips on how to master the wedding fair:

  1. Set Clear Goals
    The first step is to define your goals and target audience before you start planning. Consider what you hope to achieve with the event; are you aiming to fill up your calendar for 2023, build relationships with vendors or increase your venue’s visibility?
  2. Selecting Vendors
    Carefully select your exhibitors by only allowing vendors that mirror your level of service and professionality. Your venue will be associated with them so vet them carefully. Depending on the size of the venue or event, limit each category to around 2-3 suppliers to avoid replication.
  3. Clear Communication
    It will be helpful to provide the vendors with detailed information regarding access times, set-up guidelines, details regarding parking and contact information along with a list of frequently asked questions to avoid confusion or repeat questions. Make sure you know what each vendor requires beforehand by sending out a booking form for them to complete. This will help you design your floor plan according to their requirements. To guarantee the event runs smoothly, send them a copy of the floor plan beforehand.
  4. Maximise Publicity
    Ensure your venue and the vendors attending are sharing on social media to maximise the publicity beforehand. Remember to create a Facebook event well in advance and provide the vendors with a media pack with details, relevant logos, hashtags, wording and images. Also, make sure to tag them in posts leading up to the event so that attendees know what to expect.
  5. Data Capture
    To make sure you know how many people to expect beforehand create an online signup sheet where attendees can register. You can work in a lucky draw or a free goody bag for signing up as an incentive. This will help guarantee some data is captured before the event so you don’t have to run around to get signups. If you need to capture data on the day make sure you have a trusted member of staff to capture the couples’ details as soon as they arrive at the event.

And remember, you and your vendors need to work as a team! On this day you are all there to support each other and to make the day run smoothly. Building relationships with the vendors will help your venue in the long run. Lastly don’t forget to follow up with vendors and attendees after the event took place to thank them for their participation and to ask for feedback. Use this to improve your future events and build stronger relationships with vendors and customers.

Discover valuable insights into the wedding industry with our 2023 Wedding Industry Report, which contains data from our recent Couples Ultimate Survey. Over 2500 engaged couples in Ireland and the UK participated in this survey, sharing their wedding planning experiences, both positive and negative. Don’t miss out on this comprehensive guide to understanding the latest trends and preferences in the wedding industry.

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