Top 5 Things to Make your Boutique Hotel Stand Out

Boutique Hotels – It’s Good to be Small

Sometimes being small has its advantages. While bigger hotels and those part of chains may have greater access to marketing budgets, staff and onsite facilities in general, boutique hotels can be smart too about how they attract weddings.

Here are our top 5 things we think small hotels should focus on when marketing their property to engaged couples!

1. Exclusive & Unique

Many big hotels will often have more than 1 wedding per day. From our recent survey of over 2,000 brides throughout the UK and Ireland, this is a big NO NO.

Brides, understandably, want to feel super special on their big day and the idea of another bride in their wedding venue just doesn’t cut the mustard! Remember, for the most part you are dealing with Millennials who on the wedding day more than ever are going to want to it to be all about them!

The fact that the focus of the entire property for that day will be on them and their guests will be a big plus and this needs to be driven home in any communication to them. Your venue is also unique. It’s not part of a wider group, it has a story, a history that needs to be told and sold to the couple.

2. Superior Service

Another really strong message is the high level of personal service you can offer them.

Name your staff and talk about how long they have been with you and their passion for weddings. Your team may well be with you for years, this is often much more continuity of staff and they are also more personally invested in your hotel and from the local area. They don’t see a wedding couple as just another number, they take a personal interest in them, in meeting and exceeding their needs and there is a level of personal pride here that is harder to see and touch in bigger venues.

The whole hotel team comes behind the couple on their day, it’s shared effort at making it the best day of their lives.

3. Flexibility

Dealing with boutique hotels is often easier for couples as there can be a greater level of flexibility.

The buck stops with the owner who can make decisions on the spot and is often very open to ideas the couple has for their day. The desire to help comes across more readily and just knowing that is a big plus for couples.

4. Value

Value is not all about pounds and shillings.

Of course, there may be more room for negotiation around price with a smaller venue but there is often more overall value to be had too. It’s about promoting your experience of wedding creation, your commitment and passion for ensuring the couple has the most memorable day ever.

5. Intimate

Having a wedding at your boutique hotel is like a family gathering. It’s intimate and warm and feels like home.

Bigger hotels simply can’t make that claim. Really sell this and your story, people deal with people they like and making them feel special should be top of you list. So, roll out the red carpet and give them a warm hug and welcome them into your family!

It’s a competitive market for weddings so whatever your size, own it and use it to your advantage. Make it your selling point and deliver it!

Until next time



Ciara Crossan is Founder & CEO of WeddingDates – Celebrating 10 Years.