To Clause or Absorb? Balancing Wedding Venue Costs

Wedding Venue Costs Increasing Contract Clauses

Balancing Rising Costs and Customer Satisfaction: Should Wedding Venues Include Price Increase Clauses in Contracts?

The rising cost of living is a reality that affects us all, including wedding venues. The wedding industry often faces fluctuating costs due to various factors such as inflation, the current energy crisis, changes in supply and demand, or unforeseen expenses. Including price increase clauses in venue hire contracts can help businesses mitigate these risks and ensure their long-term financial stability. However, when it comes to raising prices for wedding services, the question arises: should venues include a clause in their contract and enforce it, or should they absorb the costs themselves?

A report commissioned by the Drinks Industry Group of Ireland (DIGI) sheds light on the surging costs of operating in the hospitality sector. This report highlights the hospitality sector’s susceptibility to rising labour and food expenses and revealed that non-household electricity prices in Ireland are 60% higher than the EU average. Furthermore, like many other sectors of the economy, the hospitality industry is confronted with challenges in recruiting staff, which adds pressure to payroll costs.

The hospitality industry in the UK is facing a similar challenge. According to UK Hospitality, the energy prices show no sign of relenting, with costs now accounting for 11.4% of business turnover, up from 3.4% before the energy crisis. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) states that the staff vacancy rates in the hospitality sector in the UK are 48% higher than before the pandemic due to economic pressures causing some employers to hold back on recruitment.


Wedding Venue Costs Increasing Contract Clauses

Price Rise Resistance; When Costs Rise 

Balancing rising costs and customer satisfaction is indeed a challenge for businesses. In our latest Ultimate Couples Survey (January 2023), we decided to explore the topic of price change sensitivity for the first time. This valuable information has been incorporated into our comprehensive eighth annual Wedding Industry Report. Unsurprisingly, findings revealed that 36% of surveyed couples in Ireland and 41% of couples surveyed in the UK expressed their inability to handle any rise in their contract prices. However, a substantial majority of 50-55% in both countries indicated their willingness to tolerate a moderate rise of 5 to 10% before contemplating any alterations to their wedding plans.

Interestingly, 13% of couples in Ireland and 7% in the UK, who participated in our survey, shared their experiences of venues increasing prices despite having already signed contracts in place. 

2023 Wedding Industry Report Download Ireland & UK WeddingDates

While a mere 11-13% of respondents in our survey expressed willingness to expand their budget in response to a hypothetical price hike, a surprising discovery emerged: nearly half of those who encountered an actual price increase decided to adjust their budget accordingly to accommodate the higher costs.

Notably, in Ireland, none of the couples opted to switch to another venue, and in the UK, a mere 3% sought an alternative venue – a stark contrast to the 15% of respondents who claimed they would change venues if faced with a price increase. This suggests that when confronted with such circumstances, most couples are reluctant to shoulder the significant burden of securing a new venue, rebooking suppliers, and communicating changes to their guests, even if they hold strong opposition to price increases in principle.

Venue Costs Increase WeddingDates Industry Report Ireland UK 2023

The Challenge of Balancing Rising Costs and Customer Satisfaction

Implementing a contract clause that accounts for price increases tied to the rising cost of living can be viewed as a sensible step to address this challenge. However, it necessitates careful execution to uphold customer satisfaction. The clause should prioritise transparency, ensuring both the venue and the couple fully comprehend its implications, while enabling the venue to operate sustainably over the long haul.

Nevertheless, enforcing such a clause can pose challenges. Couples may feel they were inadequately informed or taken advantage of, potentially resulting in negative reviews and detrimental effects on the venue’s reputation.

“I understand the challenges that wedding venues face in balancing rising costs with maintaining positive client relationships. While including a clause in the contract may seem like a straightforward solution, it is important to consider the potential impact,” says Alix Matania-Allerton, WeddingDates Sales Manager and former wedding planner.

Alternatively, some venues may choose to absorb the costs themselves to maintain good relationships with their clients. While this may strain the venue’s finances, it can result in positive word-of-mouth and customer loyalty. It’s essential to strike a balance. By having fair policies that consider both parties’ perspectives, you can navigate price increases with transparency and professionalism.

Wedding Venue Costs Increasing Contract Clauses WedPro

Here are some considerations to keep in mind when deciding on price increase clauses:
Competitive analysis

Before implementing price increase clauses, conduct a competitive analysis to understand how other wedding venues handle rising costs. This will help you gauge industry standards and ensure your approach remains competitive and fair. Additionally, studying your target market’s preferences and expectations will enable you to make informed decisions that align with customer needs.

Transparency and clarity for venues and couples

One of the main advantages of including a price increase clause is the transparency and clarity it provides for both parties. It is crucial to communicate any potential increase clauses upfront to the customers and include them in the signed contract if it is to be enforced down the line.

“I would be fine with food costs increasing, but venue hire should stay at the contracted price.”
– Anonymous Survey Respondent

Including the price increase clause in the signed contract ensures that both parties have acknowledged and agreed to its terms. This formal agreement serves as a point of reference and protects the interests of both the venue and the couple. It mitigates the risk of misunderstandings or disputes later on, as the agreed-upon terms are documented and legally binding. Overall, transparency and clarity regarding price increase clauses establish a foundation of trust and open communication between the venue and the couple.


Clear triggers and limits 

By clearly outlining the circumstances under which price increases may occur, venues can avoid misunderstandings or disputes with their clients. This can help to foster trust and build positive relationships as both parties have a clear understanding of what is expected of them. Additionally, it can help the venue to operate sustainably in the long term, as they can account for potential cost increases and plan accordingly.

“My venue was very transparent about year-on-year increases, which is over the rate of inflation and why we decided to get married this year.”
– Anonymous Survey Respondent

If your venue is going down this route clearly define the conditions that would trigger a price increase, such as specific cost factors or a specific percentage increase in costs. Additionally, set reasonable limits on how much the price can be increased within a certain timeframe or per year. This ensures that customers are not subject to excessive or unexpected price hikes.


Notice period

As an establishment, decide on a reasonable notice period for communicating any price adjustments to customers. This gives them time to evaluate their options and make necessary adjustments to their wedding budget or plans if needed. A typical notice period is around 30 to 90 days, but it can vary depending on your specific circumstances.

“The venue we provisionally booked increased pricing by 12% with immediate effect. It was very poorly handled so we moved elsewhere for fear of them doing the same again.”
– Anonymous Survey Respondent

Communication and customer service

Be sure to maintain open lines of communication with customers throughout the process. Be responsive to their concerns, provide explanations for the price increase, and offer assistance in exploring alternative options within your venue or with other trusted vendors. Exceptional customer service during such circumstances can help mitigate any negative feelings and maintain customer loyalty.

Consider being open to negotiating with customers who may have concerns or special circumstances. Flexibility and willingness to find mutually agreeable solutions can go a long way in maintaining positive relationships and customer satisfaction.

Wedding Venue Costs Increasing Contract Clauses

Alternatives and flexibility

Consider offering customers alternative options if a price increase occurs. This could involve providing upgraded services or amenities without additional charges, allowing customers to adjust their booking date without penalties, or providing discounts on other services provided by the venue. Offering flexible solutions can help maintain customer satisfaction even in the face of price adjustments.

“I can understand with the current price increases everywhere, but I’d probably ask for something more like membership to their leisure centre or an extra complimentary room.”
– Anonymous Survey Respondent

Cancellation and refund policies 

As the Wedding Coordinator, you should communicate how refunds will be handled if they choose to cancel due to a price increase. Specify whether the refund will be in full or if any deductions will be made based on services already provided or costs incurred by the venue and be sure to include this in the contract.

“If the price increase was large, we would consider cancelling and booking a registry office to have a more low-key day.”
– Anonymous Survey Respondent

Consider providing an opt-out option for customers uncomfortable with the price increase. Specify a reasonable timeframe for couples to cancel their contract without penalties. This timeframe should give them sufficient time to evaluate the new pricing and make a decision. Offering flexibility in such situations can help mitigate any negative impact.

Contract review 

Before implementing any changes, review your existing contracts and consult with legal professionals to ensure that your proposed price increase clauses and cancellation policies align with local laws and regulations. This will help you avoid any potential legal issues or disputes in the future.

Periodically reassess your pricing structure and the need for price increase clauses. Monitor market conditions, cost fluctuations, and customer feedback to ensure that your pricing strategy remains competitive and aligned with customer expectations over time.


Customer feedback and loyalty

Actively seek feedback from your customers to understand their concerns and expectations. Conduct regular customer satisfaction surveys to gather feedback on your venue’s pricing, policies, and overall service quality. This will provide valuable insights into areas that may require improvement and help you make more informed decisions regarding price adjustments and cancellation policies. Prioritise customer satisfaction and loyalty by listening to their feedback and incorporating it into your decision-making process.

Contract Clauses For Wedding Venues - price increase clauses

Finding The Perfect Balance 

Maintaining a balance between rising costs and customer satisfaction is an ongoing process. Continuously evaluate and refine your strategies based on feedback, market conditions, and your venue’s specific needs.

“Balancing the need for profitability with customer satisfaction is a delicate dance, but it’s crucial to the success of any business. By being transparent, flexible, and responsive to customer needs, you can navigate rising costs while maintaining positive relationships and a competitive edge in the market,” says Ciara Crossan, CEO and Founder of WeddingDates.

Ultimately, deciding whether to include a clause in the contract or absorb the costs will depend on each venue’s circumstances and priorities. Venues need to weigh the potential benefits and drawbacks of each approach and make an informed decision that aligns with their values and business goals.

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  3. Vacancies and jobs in the UK: May 2023 – Office for National Statistics (ONS), 16 May 2023

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