Lowering your wedding venue's ghosting rate with WedPro

Effective strategies for lowering your ghosting rate

Expert advice from WedPro to bust the ghosts and boost your sales As a wedding coordinator or venue manager, you know how frustrating it can be when a potential couple goes silent after showing interest […]

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Wedding Coordinator Responding to reviews at wedding venue

Mastering Negative Reviews: Expert Advice

Constructive Criticism: Expert Advice for Handling Negative Reviews as a Wedding Venue With the wedding industry becoming increasingly competitive, reviews play a crucial role in shaping your reputation and attracting potential clients. Reviews are a […]

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The Wedding Lifecycle Part 3 WedPro

The Wedding Lifecycle Pt 3: Beyond The Booking

THE WEDDING LIFECYCLE – PART 3: WOW YOUR COUPLES ON THEIR WEDDING DAY AND BEYOND During the 2023 National Hotel Marketing Conference at Burton Upon Trent, we had the pleasure of hosting an interactive seminar […]

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Wedding Venue Seekers' Wishlist WedPro By WeddingDates

Wedding Venue Seekers’ Wishlist

Venue Seekers’ Wishlist: Top Things Wedding Parties Look for in a Venue As the wedding industry evolves, so do the preferences of couples searching for their perfect wedding venue. To attract potential couples, understanding their […]

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Part 2 The Wedding Lifecycle WedPro By WeddingDates

The Wedding Lifecycle Pt2: Contracts to Wedding Day

The Wedding Lifecycle – Part 2: WOW Your Couples from Contract Signing to the Wedding Day During the 2023 National Hotel Marketing Conference at Burton Upon Trent, we had the opportunity to host an interactive […]

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Webinar Playback: Nurturing Expectations At Booking Stage

Webinar 3 Playback: Sealing The Forever Promise: Nurturing Expectations From Contract To Wedding Day  We’re delighted to present the webinar playback of our highly anticipated final instalment, “Sealing the Forever Promise: Nurturing Expectations from Contract […]

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Webinar Playback: Mastering the Enquiry Stage

Webinar 1 Playback: Magical First Encounters: Mastering the Enquiry Stage for Attracting and Engaging Potential Couples We are thrilled to present the playback of our highly anticipated webinar, “Magical First Encounters: Mastering the Enquiry Stage […]

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Hearing From The Coordinator Series Samantha Lodge on Loch Lomond Scotland

The Coordinators Behind Memorable Weddings

The Magic Behind Memorable Weddings: An Interview with Samantha Smalley, the Wedding Events Coordinator at Lodge on Loch Lomond When it comes to weddings, there is an entire world bustling behind the scenes, working tirelessly […]

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paul lanigan the leadership mindset podcast

The Leadership Mindset Podcast; Ft Ciara Crossan

Earlier this year, Ciara Crossan, CEO and Founder of WeddingDates, had the opportunity to sit down with the highly regarded host, Paul Lanigan for an episode of his podcast titled “The Leadership Mindset”.  This episode promises […]

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Meet The Team - Wedding Lifecycle Series WedPro By WeddingDates

Meet The Team Behind The Wedding Lifecycle Webinar Series

Behind the Scenes: Meet Alix and Carys, the Wedding Venue Experts Behind the Unveiling the Wedding Lifecycle Webinar Series At WedPro by WeddingDates, we are passionate about helping wedding venues to deliver a positive experience […]

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Introducing: The Wedding Lifecycle Webinar Series

Elevate Your Wedding Venue: Unlocking Excellence with our Exclusive Three-Part Webinar Series Are you ready to take your wedding venue to new heights? We are thrilled to announce our upcoming webinar series designed to help […]

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Wedding Venue Costs Increasing Contract Clauses

To Clause or Absorb? Balancing Wedding Venue Costs

Balancing Rising Costs and Customer Satisfaction: Should Wedding Venues Include Price Increase Clauses in Contracts? The rising cost of living is a reality that affects us all, including wedding venues. The wedding industry often faces […]

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