Recapping Our Dublin Team Away Day

WeddingDates Team Away Day Dublin Guinness Storehouse

Celebrating Team Unity and Fun: Recap of Our Memorable Team Away Day in Dublin

On Thursday 18th May 2023, our team embarked on an exciting adventure to Dublin, for our highly anticipated Team Away Day. With both our Ireland and UK staff joining in, we eagerly made our way to the vibrant city, ready to bond, have fun, and create lasting memories together. Our jam-packed itinerary ensured a day filled with unforgettable experiences; from team-building activities that had us cheering with excitement to the shared experiences that brought us closer together, this event was the perfect blend of enjoyment and professional development.

WeddingDates Team Away Day Dublin Guinness Storehouse

Rise to the Top: Cheers to Team Bonding and Milestones

To kick off the day, Christopher Bellew from Fennell Photography captured headshots of our team members and took some incredible group photos, capturing the essence of our team spirit and unity. After checking into our hotel we stopped at the iconic Guinness Storehouse, a must-visit attraction in Dublin where we delved into the rich history and brewing process of Ireland’s famous stout. This experience was a first for many and the highlight was the chance to pour our very own perfect pints of Guinness, raising our glasses in celebration of our exceptional team and the milestones we’ve achieved together.

After savouring our freshly poured pints, we made our way to the Gravity Bar, situated at the top of the Guinness Storehouse. With breathtaking panoramic views of Dublin as our backdrop, we enjoyed our drinks after which we made a delightful stop at The Market Bar for dinner.

“I really enjoyed this trip in particular as it’s usually the UK team coming over to Cork where our office is based but this time we all got to go away and be the tourists. When in Dublin you have to visit the Guinness Storehouse and drink a proper pint of Guinness or two,” says Carys Duckworth, our UK Sales Manager and Wedding Venue Expert.

Delightful Dinner Market Bar Dublin

But the fun didn’t stop there! To add an extra element of enjoyment to the evening, we unleashed our inner superstars during a memorable karaoke session. From soulful ballads to energetic dance hits, we showcased our talents and cheered each other on. 

Bridging the Gap: Personal Connections and Remote Team Success

At WeddingDates, team away days are not just a checkbox on our calendar; they are integral to our team’s growth, well-being, and long-term success. We wholeheartedly believe that by prioritising these occasions, we empower our remote workforce to thrive, collaborate, and achieve extraordinary results together. During team away days, our team members have the opportunity to not only engage in team-building activities but also to engage in informal conversations and shared adventures outside of a formal work setting.

“Since we pivoted to remote working in WeddingDates, I have seen productivity increase. I am very grateful to have such a dedicated workforce who work hard and give 100% to their respective roles. I thoroughly enjoyed the chance to take the team out of the home office, get together in person and let our hair down a bit. Sometimes team building events can feel stilted, but everyone arrived in Dublin with their whole hearts and participated in every activity and had so much fun along the way. I’m so thrilled that we got to do this as we are all closer as a result,” says Ciara Crossan, CEO and Founder at WeddingDates.

WeddingDates Team at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin

“While we may be geographically dispersed, these special occasions provide us with an invaluable opportunity to bond and create shared memories that strengthen the collaborative spirit that drives our success. Remote work shouldn’t hinder the human connection, but rather, it should inspire us to make the most of these moments to celebrate our unity,” says Sarah O’Farrell, Head of Operations at WeddingDates.

Our Team Away Day in Dublin was not only a chance to unwind and enjoy each other’s company but also an opportunity to strengthen the bonds that make us a formidable team. The laughter, conversations, and shared experiences will undoubtedly continue to foster collaboration and teamwork in the months to come.

“I had an incredible time at the team away day, particularly because it gave me the opportunity to finally meet my UK colleagues in person. Joining a team remotely can sometimes feel like missing out on personal connections, but this event allowed me to bridge that gap. I am grateful for the chance to connect face-to-face and look forward to the continued collaboration and growth with my amazing UK colleagues,” says Mizan Potgieter, our B2B Marketing Specialist.

As we headed home on Friday, the spirit of unity accompanied us, instilling a sense of confidence in our team’s future. Grateful for the remarkable experiences of the Team Away Day, we eagerly look forward to the exciting journey ahead, where we will continue to make a positive and impactful difference together.

Team Photo - WeddingDates Dublin Guinness Storehouse

Reflecting on the Day: Deepening Connections and Cherished Memories

The WeddingDates team eagerly shares their personal highlights of 2023 Team Away Day in Dublin, each recounting moments that left a lasting impression. 

Mizan: Discovering how to pour the perfect pint of Guinness was the highlight for me – I love learning something new!

Sarah: The Market Bar was excellent, but my favourite has to be the Karaoke Box at Maneki. Even the reluctant people eventually joined in!

Ali: My highlights would be getting to spend time with most of the team, seeing the Guinness Storehouse and enjoying the good food.

Carys: My favourite part of the trip though was the Karaoke bar, it was so loud you couldn’t really hear yourself so we all just let loose and had fun with it. When we all started headbanging to Bohemian Rhapsody was a pretty memorable moment for me.

Alix: Dipping into a variety of bars throughout the day was a highlight for me. I loved seeing how different each was with a diverse mix of people. But you can be certain of seeing many people with a pint of the black stuff in their hand. And when in Ireland it would be rude not to join them!

Jasmin: I really enjoyed our team day, meeting Ali and Mizan in person was a huge highlight for me. I also really enjoyed spending time as a team and of course, I thoroughly enjoyed the Karaoke!

WeddingDates Team At Guiness Storehouse - Team Away Day 2023

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