Promoting Your Pet-Friendly Policy

Promoting your pet friendly wedding venue

Unleash the Love: Expert marketing advice for promoting your pet-friendly Wedding Venue. For National Pet Month embrace the trend and win hearts (and paws) at your hotel or wedding venue!

Picture this: a beautiful ceremony unfolding, with laughter, love, and… a wagging tail or two. As the bond between humans and their furry companions continues to strengthen, pet-friendly policies in the hospitality industry are becoming increasingly sought-after, especially when it comes to wedding celebrations. In our 2024 Ultimate Wedding Survey, we uncovered something truly heartwarming: a significant number of engaged couples in the UK and Ireland are choosing to include their beloved pets in their wedding festivities. A remarkable 15% of couples in the UK and 13% in Ireland are planning to have their four-legged friends either attend the celebration or play a special role in the ceremony.

Not sure if you’re ready to welcome pets at your venue? Check out our blog post exploring the pros and cons of being pet-friendly.

If you are keen to embrace a pet-friendly approach the next step is to ensure couples, guests and pet lovers know about it! In celebration of National Pet Month, our pet-loving marketing team has compiled creative and effective strategies to promote your pet-friendly offers and catch the eye of potential couples. If you are looking for some ideas or inspiration to go above and beyond take a look at our WedPro customers who offer pet-friendly accommodation, where pets aren’t just tolerated but warmly embraced as cherished guests.

Promoting Your Pet-Friendly Policy Dogs At Weddings

Discover how to let the world know that your venue is not just pet-friendly; it’s pet-enthusiastic with our marketing advice below. 

1. Tailoring Your Online Presence: Howling about Your Pet-Friendly Offers

Website Information: The best way to communicate your offers is by devoting a dedicated landing page to outline the particulars of how pets are welcomed and cared for at your venue. Highlight your venue’s array of pet-friendly amenities and services, such as pet-sitting services, on-site pet grooming, and pet-friendly ceremony spaces, ensuring couples know their pets will be pampered during their special day. Use creative language and imagery to paint a picture of the experiences awaiting couples and their furry friends. Be sure to communicate any restrictions, terms and conditions or additional costs.

Wedding Brochures: If you offer special wedding packages or amenities like pet-friendly accommodations highlight this on your website’s brochures and in promotional materials to attract pet-loving couples seeking a venue that truly understands their furry family members’ needs.

Directory Listing: Make sure your venue’s directory listing is up to date, especially on platforms like WeddingDates where couples can filter their search to view pet-friendly venues. Ensure that your pet-friendly amenities are highlighted in your listing description, making it easy for couples to identify your venue as the perfect choice for their pet-inclusive wedding celebration.

Using Captivating Imagery: Enhance your visual storytelling by collaborating with professional photographers or by encouraging your guests to capture and share their special moments with their pets at your venue. These heartwarming snapshots can be used on your website, social media posts, and marketing materials, serving as tangible evidence that pets are not just tolerated but joyfully embraced in your space.

Dogs At Weddings - Pet Friendly Wedding Venue

2. Engaging with Pet-Focused Communities: Paw-some Partnerships and Purr-fect Connections

Pet-Powered Partnerships: Another way to share information about your pet-friendly venue is by developing connections with pet-centric bloggers, magazines, and websites, offering insights into the joys of hosting pet-friendly weddings. This engagement attracts an audience actively seeking venues that honour their pets, fostering a deeper relationship with potential clients. Paid features or advertorials help increase bookings and reinforce your venue’s reputation as a welcoming and pet-friendly establishment.

Partnerships with Pet Businesses: To improve your offers consider collaborating with local pet-related establishments such as groomers, pet boutiques, and trainers. Joint promotions or shared events can introduce your pet-friendly approach to a broader audience while fostering strong community ties. Partnering with local pet-related businesses also creates an opportunity to cross-promote each other’s services.

You can also consider hosting pet-friendly events at your venue, such as “Yappy Hours” or pet adoption drives, to engage with the local community and position your venue as a go-to destination for couples seeking a pet-friendly wedding experience that also cares about the welfare of animals.

Influencer Collaboration: If you want to reach a wider audience working with micro-influencers who have a dedicated following of pet-loving individuals will work a treat! Collaborate with these influencers to promote your venue as a pet-friendly destination, and you can even offer exclusive discount codes to share with their audience. By leveraging the influence of these individuals within the pet community, you can expand your reach to a highly targeted audience of potential clients who prioritise their pets’ well-being and inclusion in their wedding celebrations.

Furry Friends At Weddings Pet Friendly

3. Digital Outreach and Industry Participation: Barking Up the Right Tree with Increased Visibility

Social Media Engagement: Regularly share posts across your social media platforms that highlight successful pet-inclusive weddings hosted at your venue. These authentic moments reveal your sincere dedication to creating lasting memories for couples and their furry companions. And who doesn’t love seeing those adorable photos of pets in bow ties?!

Hashtag Creation: Develop unique hashtags centred around pet-friendly weddings at your venue. Encourage couples and guests to use these hashtags when sharing their pet-inclusive wedding moments, amplifying your message across social media platforms. Use hashtags like #PetFriendlyVenue and #FurEverLove to reach pet-loving couples.

Email Campaigns: Integrate your pet-friendly policy into your email marketing campaigns. When sending newsletters or updates to your subscriber list feature real stories of pet-inclusive weddings or any upcoming special offers. Present insights for couples planning to include their pets and showcase the facilities designed to make pets feel comfortable.

According to our 2024 Wedding Industry Report, 15% of couples in the UK and 13% in Ireland are planning to have their four-legged friends either attend the celebration or play a special role in the ceremony.

Tail-Wagging Testimonials: Gather touching stories from couples who celebrated their special day with their pets at your venue. Share these testimonials on your website, social media platforms, and marketing materials to showcase the joy and love experienced by couples at your venue.

Event Participation: When attending industry events like wedding fairs, bridal expos, or trade shows you can use these platforms to emphasise your pet-friendly offers. Distribute informative brochures and engage in conversations to underscore how your venue offers a unique experience for couples seeking pet-inclusive celebrations.

By incorporating these strategies into your promotional efforts, you’re not only spreading the word about your pet-friendly policy but also solidifying your position as a venue that genuinely understands and celebrates the bond between couples and their furry companions.

Pet Friendly Wedding Venues Ireland UK

WedPro Pet-Friendly Wedding Venues That Go The Extra Mile 

These wedding venues not only provide a stunning backdrop for celebrations but also prioritise the comfort and happiness of every member of the wedding party, including the four-legged ones. You might just find some inspiration to make your venue even more fur-friendly!

New Place Hotel, Hampshire – managed by Legacy Hotels & Resorts

New Place Hotel is celebrating National Pet Month and they are rolling out the red carpet for their furry guests! Partnering with PetsPyjamas and ADAPTIL, they offer a Calming Retreat featuring diffusers in dog-friendly rooms, endorsed by vets for relaxation, along with stress-free stays throughout the hotel, ensuring a tranquil environment for all guests. They have placed leaflets in communal areas and dog-friendly rooms, providing more information, a QR code for a discount on ADAPTIL® products, and a soothing Spotify playlist for their guest’s pups.

CastleMartyr Resort, Cork

CastleMartyr Resort in Cork, is renowned as the best pet-friendly hotel in Ireland, offering guests the ultimate pet-friendly getaway. Pets receive a warm welcome with a special gift including a “canine guest” tag for their collar, beds, bowls, treats, and even poo bags, all designed to encourage guests to share their experience on social media. CastleMartyr Resort promotes its pet-friendly offers through its website, social media channels, and collaborations with influencers such as DogFriendlyIreland. They also offer a map of nearby woods and beaches for pet-friendly strolls and a Pet Concierge service with details on local dog walkers, sitters, groomers and veterinarians.

Aspect Photography Castlemartyr Resort Cork Pet Friendly Wedding Venue

Photo credit: Aspect Photography


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