Introducing: The Wedding Lifecycle Webinar Series

Elevate Your Wedding Venue: Unlocking Excellence with our Exclusive Three-Part Webinar Series

Are you ready to take your wedding venue to new heights? We are thrilled to announce our upcoming webinar series designed to help you discover, connect, and elevate your venue to provide exceptional experiences for couples. Whether you’re a venue owner, manager, or part of the dedicated staff, this webinar series is a must-attend event to gain valuable insights, and innovative ideas to WOW your couples at every stage of The Wedding Lifecycle.

At WedPro by WeddingDates, we understand the importance of creating magical moments that couples will cherish for a lifetime. That’s why we’ve gathered our team of esteemed wedding experts, Alix Mattania-Allerton and Carys Duckworth, who will guide you through each stage of the wedding journey, sharing their expertise and practical tips garnered from years of experience in the industry.

“A wedding is not just a one-day event; it’s a lifelong memory. As wedding professionals, it’s our responsibility to nurture the expectations of couples and guide them through every step of their journey. In this webinar series, we will share invaluable insights and practical tips to help you create a seamless experience from the moment they visit your website to request a brochure to an unforgettable wedding day. Together, let’s make their forever promise a truly magical and memorable one,” says Alix Mattania-Allerton, our Sales Manager and former wedding planner.

Join us as we unveil the secrets to making unforgettable first impressions, crafting memorable showround experiences, sealing the deal with ease, and managing expectations leading up to the big day. This three-part webinar series is a unique opportunity to gain exclusive insights and learn how to surpass couples’ expectations at every step of their wedding planning journey.

Here’s a sneak peek at what each webinar session will cover:

Webinar 1 Magical First Impressions - The Wedding Lifecycle Unveiling the Journey Registration

Webinar 1: Magical First Encounters: Mastering the Enquiry Stage for Attracting and Engaging Potential Couples

Date: Wednesday 21 June 2023

Time: 11:30 (45 min session)

Updated: Watch the playback here.

In the first webinar of our three-part series, we will delve into the essential strategies for capturing the attention and interest of potential couples. We will explore the key aspects of the enquiry stage, emphasising the importance of quality over quantity when it comes to couples reaching out. We’ll address the growing expectation for quick responses and how to meet those expectations effectively. 

We’ll discuss

  • Understanding your target market’s age bracket and promoting diversity and inclusion. 
  • How your website, social media presence, and listings contribute to the overall impression couples have of your services. 
  • Understanding how couples filter their choices based on location, capacity, budget, style, atmosphere, and quality and how it will enable you to position yourself effectively. 
  • Practical tips on creating a simple and compelling call-to-action to encourage couples to take the desired action of reaching out to you. 
  • Ensuring price transparency, whether it’s through pricing structures, package details, or fully bespoke offerings. 

Join us for an enlightening and actionable session that will empower you to make a remarkable first impression and attract the right couples to your wedding services.

Webinar 2 Creating Lasting Impressions - The Wedding Lifecycle Unveiling the Journey Registration

Webinar 2: Creating Lasting Impressions: Navigating the Showround Stage for Memorable Experiences

Date: Wednesday 28 June 2023

Time: 11:30 (45 min session)

 Updated: Watch the playback here.

During the second part of our webinar series, we’ll explore the journey of creating unforgettable moments during the showround process. We’ll provide valuable insights and practical tips to enhance this crucial stage of The Wedding Lifecycle. 

Topics we’ll discuss include:

  • Discovering the optimal timing for responding to enquiries, striking a balance between providing enough follow-up and knowing when to call it quits. 
  • Delving into the art of crafting personalised and emotion-driven communication, focusing on the couple’s needs rather than promoting your own services. 
  • Learning about the power of storytelling and how to take couples on a journey during the showround, using our recommended showround plugin. 
  • Understanding the growing demand for online booking options and the importance of standing out when couples view three venues or fewer. 
  • Understanding the duration of a showround and setting clear expectations will ensure a smooth and enjoyable process.

We’ll also share insights from renowned expert Mark Godfrey, Managing Director at Deer Park in Devon, an award-winning, exclusive-use wedding venue, including unique touches like scent and creative brochure designs. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your showround experiences and leave a lasting impression on potential clients.

Webinar 3 Sealing the Forever Promise - The Wedding Lifecycle Unveiling the Journey Registration

Webinar 3: Sealing the Forever Promise: Nurturing Expectations from Contract to Wedding Day

Date: Wednesday 5 July 2023

Time: 11:30 (45 min session)

Updated: Watch the playback here.

In the third 45-minute session, Carys and Alix will guide you through the essential steps to nurture expectations and provide a seamless journey for couples from the moment the contract is signed until their wedding day. 

Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect:

  • Discover effective strategies to streamline the deposit and contract signing process, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for couples. 
  • Learn how to maintain constant communication with couples, managing their expectations and keeping them excited throughout the planning process. 
  • Explore the significance of menu tastings in creating an exceptional culinary experience for couples. 
  • Discover the key elements of a successful final details meeting, where you can ensure that every aspect of the wedding day is meticulously planned and organised. 

“Every couple deserves to have their wedding dreams realised, and it’s our mission to make that happen. In this webinar, we’ll provide you with the tools and insights to create a truly exceptional journey for couples. Join us as we unveil the secrets of making each wedding journey truly extraordinary,” says Carys Duckworth, our Sales Manager and wedding venue expert. 

But that’s not all! Attend all three sessions and you’ll receive a special certificate from our WedPro Academy, recognising your commitment to enhancing the wedding experience. Additionally, you’ll enjoy early access to our comprehensive eBook on The Wedding Lifecycle, providing you with even more resources to elevate your venue and exceed couples’ expectations.

Register today, as limited spots are available for this exclusive webinar series. Can’t make it to a particular session? No need to worry! As a registered participant, you’ll have access to the webinar recordings, allowing you to conveniently catch up on any missed sessions at your own pace. Don’t delay – register now and take the first step towards elevating your wedding venue!

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