How to Make The Most of Your Facebook Page

For many hotels and wedding venues, Facebook is very much the hub of where your customers learn about you. Facebook is not only a great opportunity to reach out to potential brides and grooms, but also a place to build relationships, create brand awareness, and sometimes, even win over sales.

From how you reply to comments to your posts and tone of voice, Facebook is a huge opportunity for your couples to experience the real you. It’s important that you bring across the right message to those potential customers. Here are a few tips on making the most out of your Facebook page:

Use Photos to Increase Reach

Eye-catching photos receive more engagement than plain text, videos or link posts. Not only can photos receive more likes and comments than a plain text status update, but the right photo can gives your audience real insight into your hotel. Getting more personal by using staff or ‘behind-the-scenes’ photos can be a great way to bring personality to your brand and wedding venue.

TIP: Avoid using stock photos when targeting wedding couples. Stock photos sell generic concepts; your job is to sell your specific venue!

Build a Content Strategy

Your Facebook fans won’t consist of potential wedding couples exclusively, but it could be a significant number. Do you find your posts are often focused on overnight stays or daily food specials? Do you have a Facebook schedule and strategy to keep your posts varied and balanced between the bedroom, food service, events and wedding streams of your business? Use the Insights offered by Facebook to track the content receiving more likes as well as what time of day receives more engagement. If that turns out to be later on in the evening, it may be worth scheduling posts at that time (as well as throughout the day).

TIP:  Liaise with couples after their weddings for permission to use one or more images from your venue to showcase a real wedding once a month!

Think Your Text Through

Although photos are the top engagers when it comes to Facebook, great copy is still just as important. Keep your posts short, snappy and friendly. Many marketing and social media experts that say Facebook post should be as short as a tweet (140 characters). And although text should be short, it should be impactful every time.

TIP: Consider the personality of your brand and use that tone to tell a story, create a call to action, or build great content you know will be shared.

Get Interactive

Since so many engaged couples spend a lot of time on Facebook (the average mobile user checks their phone once every 10 minutes), it is worth considering if you can capture enquiries here too.

TIP: Do you have our WeddingDates app installed? If not, it’s very easy to do yourself. Or, drop us a line or pick up the phone and we can help you!

Get the Basics Right

Although your About, Description, General and Basic Information may not seem like a priority when it comes to your Facebook page, it’s important to get these basics right. These Facebook items not only provide your contact information and link to your website; they also provide curious couples with more information about your venue.

TIP: Make sure you monitor the Reviews tab of your Facebook hotels page. Both potential guests and engaged couples will look at this tab, so make sure you respond to all reviews, both good and bad!

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