HOSPA Recovery: Insightful Tips

In this HOSPA Recovery Series, our Founder and Ceo helps hoteliers anticipate high levels of demand and bookings from post lockdown through insightful tips.

While we are all excited about the reopening of the industry, it hasn’t come without its challenges. It’s best to remember that Hoteliers should put their own oxygen masks on first before serving others.

WeddingDates Founder & CEO Ciara Crossan filmed this video for the HOSPA Recovery Series to explain the importance of technology and personality. Communicating with confidence to couples is key right now.

If you work in a #hotel or #weddingvenue and are feeling overwhelmed by workload at the moment and could use a system to help you manage enquiries, streamline follow up and save you hours of time each week on admin, then please reach out! We’d be happy to help.

Key insights

Overcommunicate with your team

It is essential to reinforce vision and values to ensure that your team understands your message and prevent misunderstandings. In other words, check in with yourself and each other to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Communicate with your customers

Not only can proactive communication increase your popularity with clients, but it can also improve how trustworthy your clients see you. Put effort into identifying their pain points and solving their issues.

In the recent UK Industry Report by WeddingDates with data collected from over 1000 engaged couples:

  • 14% felt like they were just another number,
  • 53% said nothing stood out to them, while
  • just 30% of couples felt special at the enquiry stage.

There is an immense opportunity for hotels and venues to gain ground by making their customers feel important and valued.


Be reassuring but don’t over-commit. It’s necessary to be upfront and clear about your expectations. Be honest and take time to ensure that your message is conveyed effectively. Practice transparency and honesty in the way you work.  Explain, share information and update your customer.

Tone of Voice and Personality

Make sure your customer feels understood and listened to. It is crucial to ensure they feel as though their needs and wants are identified.

Use Tools

Tools can help you follow up with your customers and essentially create a stronger and more profitable client relationship.

Use Videos

Videos help showcase personality and build trust.

HOSPA is a not-for-profit educationally focused Association helping all hospitality professionals develop their careers and network, as well as keep up-to-date with industry trends and developments. HOSPA is UK based.