Hear from the Hotelier: Richard Metcalfe

Hotelier Richard Metcalfe, Owner & General Manager of Rogerthorpe Manor Hotel (CATEY shortlist nominees 2020) explains how The WeddingDates Method helps drive wedding conversions to the next level through personalisation while simplifying internal processes, freeing up more time for the wedding co-ordinators.

  • “The WeddingDates Method is very efficient. It gets the information straight back to the guest, and it’s personable. It allows us to see what’s going on at every stage. It’s efficient, and it works.”
  • “We are not spending any money other than on the WeddingDates method because it works.”
  • “What’s improved? Are we getting more enquiries? They said we are getting better enquiries. Less is more.”
  • “Not spinning 50 plates anymore.”
  • “Admin is absolutely vital.”
  • “I didn’t appreciate how much it did in terms of Task Lists/Reminders.”
  • “We are no longer working with a diary/chase system.”
  • “We stopped all other secondary spends.”
  • “You have to use the knowledge other people have – can’t do it all on your own”


Hear from the hotelier is an educational sales webinar that ran over three consecutive weeks. In this series, hoteliers address how they used The WeddingDates Method to increase conversions and streamline their wedding business effectively. Watch the other webinars in the series:

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