Growing Forward with Virginia Foley Podcast Ciara Crossan WeddingDates

Growing Forward Podcast; Iconic Women

During the month of March, our CEO and Founder Ciara Crossan had the opportunity to be a guest on not one, but two podcasts! The first podcast was with 24 Stories, where Ciara delved deeper into her experiences of working in the wedding industry. She shared insights, anecdotes, and lessons learned from her years of working in the wedding industry. Ciara was also invited to be part of the Iconic Women series on Virginia Foley’s podcast, Growing Forward.

In this insightful podcast, Ciara shares her experiences of running her successful business for 15 years and the challenges she faced on her entrepreneurial journey. She also discusses the importance of finding your power as you grow older and using it to make a real impact.

Ciara had a blast recording both episodes, and we can’t wait for you to tune in and listen to her inspiring stories and valuable insights.

Iconic Women Ciara Crossan Podcast WeddingDates

Listen to The Iconic Women Series Here

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