Give your WeddingDates Description some love

When it comes to matters of the heart, the written word can often convey something special that isn’t tangible in person. That is why punchy and effective marketing text is so successful. This is especially true when it comes to your WeddingDates listing. In our last blog post, we mentioned how a great description in your listing can be like painting a picture with words. Your text, if compelling, will not only leave a lasting impression, it can also give your potential couples a sense of your venue without ever entering your front door. Give your WeddingDates description some well-deserved love with these simple tips.

Use Vocabulary That Creates Desire

Whether you’re trying to create a sense of value for money, prestige or simply promoting a new package, using colourful wording can really brighten up a description. We all know that when a couple become newly engaged, they are pretty much on top of the world. They are drawn to romantic and pretty language like a moth to a flame and everything around them is seen with rose tinted (and heart shaped) glasses! Captivate the imaginations of your potential couples with keywords to make them fall head over heels with you.

Be personal…. What is your USP?

Using words like ‘you’ where possible can really drive home the message to your potential couples. Add a personal touch to give them that perspective of experiencing your venue first hand. The key is for your description to have carefully thought and considered rather than just reusing the same text that appears on your website, wedding packages and Facebook page. What is it about your wedding venue that makes you unique? You know the best qualities of your venue better than anyone else, make sure to let your couples know too!

Objectively Proof Read Your Description

Once you have written your description, visit the website as if you are a couple looking at your venue for the first time. Check for any spelling/grammar errors. As well, take a second to get into the mind frame of a bride or groom-to-be. Do you feel compelled to find out more about the venue? Do you feel a desire to submit details into the enquiry form? If not, think about the reasons why. Have you written too much text? Is the language too informative (i.e. unromantic)? Getting a second person’s perspective can always be helpful.
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