Delay in Reopening

June 2021

Ciara Crossan discusses on FM104 how couples are getting “overly stressed” by the uncertainty of restrictions and delay in reopening

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There has just been so upheaval for couples over the last 18 months: the chopping, the changing. People have had to reschedule their wedding three, four and in some cases even five times, and it’s just unbelievably stressful for them”

I really hope that if there is any delay to the reopening, that weddings are exempt from that



There are calls to make weddings exempt from restriction if the government decides to delay reopening. The further easing of Covid measures could be postponed for two weeks over fears around Delta strain. NPHET is holding talks today to consider its advice, and a decision is expected tomorrow. At the moment, just 25 people can attend a wedding, but that number had been set to double in July.