Five Things Couples Really Want – from a bride-to-be

Top Tips For Wedding Providers From Our Own Bride To Be

our Customer Success Specialist, Jasmin Waller is our very own bride-To-Be in 2023. 

As a wedding venue, it is really important to keep up to date with industry trends and to understand what couples are looking for when planning a wedding. You know all the reasons why your past couples chose you from their reviews and feedback, but do you really know what couples want right now?

Jasmin Waller, our Customer Success Specialist has put together her five top tips for wedding providers that will help couples at the coalface.  Sometimes, we can overlook the basics when it comes to appealing to your couples. They may not know what they want, but they will definitely know what they don’t want. 

1. be thorough

Provide as much detail and information on your listing as possible and make it easy for the couple to find.  We have lots of different quick tips and wins to improve your listing today, all you have to do is ask!

2. help them Visualise  

Use plenty of imagery and videos, and try to include real-life weddings to help the couple visualise their wedding at your venue. They are interested in seeing all aspects of your venue – food, lounges, bars, rooms, facilities, grounds – the more, the better.

3. Shout about your showcases and open days 

The best way to show off your venue to potential couples is to get them on-site.  Make your plans for your wedding fair and make sure to promote it as much as possible.

4. Set the scene at showrounds 

Don’t just show the couple an empty room and hand them a brochure, help them to leave feeling excited about your venue. Spend time with them, get to know them, listen to both of them. 

5. Make the follow-up personal 

Perhaps a handwritten note in the post or referencing something they loved during the showround. Make the couple feel special, show them that you heard. 

You can watch the video here or click the image below.

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