Exploring the Rise of Civil Ceremonies

A Move Towards Humanist Ceremonies Ireland

Changing Traditions: The Rise of Civil Ceremonies and What It Means for Modern Weddings

In recent years, Ireland and the UK have seen a significant rise in the popularity of civil ceremonies. This shift in wedding trends can be attributed to various factors, including changing attitudes towards religion and a desire for more personalised and flexible wedding ceremonies. The data compiled for the WeddingDates 2023 Wedding Industry Report sees a remarkable milestone in the falling popularity of church weddings in Ireland.

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Decline Of The Church Wedding In Ireland

When WeddingDates first began collecting data in 2015, 70% of couples in Ireland were marrying in a church or other religious house of worship. Crucially, this year we are seeing a 13% increase in the popularity of civil weddings at the reception venue, with more than half of all couples choosing to wed in the same location as their reception celebration. An additional 5% are choosing other locations like museums or beaches for their ceremony.

A factor contributing to the rise of civil ceremonies is the desire for more flexibility and personalisation in wedding ceremonies. Civil ceremonies allow couples to have more control over the content and format of their ceremony, enabling them to incorporate personal touches and traditions that are meaningful to them. Additionally, civil ceremonies can be performed in a wider range of locations, giving couples more options to choose from and allowing them to create a unique and memorable wedding experience.

The Rise Of Civil Ceremonies In Ireland WedPro

Increase In Civil Weddings In The UK

Approximately two-thirds of couples surveyed in the UK are choosing to tie the knot at their reception venue as civil weddings gain immense popularity. Alternatively, about 9% of couples prefer getting married in unconventional locations such as historic sites and even at home. In 2015 when we released our first Wedding Industry Report only 28% of surveyed couples in the UK opted to get married in a church or any other religious house of worship. However, this number dwindled to 22% last year and reached an unprecedented low of 15% in 2023.

Carys Duckworth, our Sales Manager and Wedding Venue expert believes it all boils down to the increased choice and cultural diversity among couples and their social circles.

“Civil ceremonies are not exclusive to secular couples; it could be an interfaith marriage or a partnership where one partner is secular. Conversely, not all religious ceremonies involve couples who both have faith. The wedding industry is steeped in so many traditions, but couples today are embracing the choices they have and celebrating their love in the way they wish, not according to expectations. Moreover, as couples are more likely to pay for their own wedding these days, they don’t feel the same pressure to conform to the norms of previous generations,” says Carys.

A Move Towards Humanist Ceremonies

The legalisation of humanist ceremonies in Ireland has opened up new avenues for couples to express their love and commitment in a non-religious way. Humanist ceremonies focus on celebrating the couple’s relationship and values, rather than adhering to religious traditions. This shift towards humanist ceremonies has also led to a rise in civil ceremonies, which are officiated by a registrar instead of a religious figure.

A key statistic in line with these changes shows in Ireland, 35% of respondents are having a humanist ceremony, while 41% were opting for a registrar outside of a registry office. In the UK, an all-time high of 70% of survey respondents reported that they were being married by a registrar outside of a registry office. They are increasingly popular among couples who want a meaningful ceremony that reflects their values and beliefs.

Decline In Church Weddings In Ireland

Benefits Of Choosing A Civil Ceremony 

In her previous role as a wedding planner, our UK Sales Manager. Alix Matania-Allerton always emphasised to her clients that their wedding day was about them and their unique love story. Rather than feeling bound to certain traditions or elements just because “that’s what happens at a wedding,” she encouraged couples to put their own stamp on things and make their day truly their own.

“One option that I found particularly appealing for couples was choosing a civil ceremony in the same location as their reception. Not only does it save money by eliminating the need for transportation, but it also allows for more time to enjoy the day without having to rush between locations,” says Alix. 

Another benefit of having the ceremony and reception in the same location is avoiding the risk of losing guests. Alix witnessed this first-hand when guests got lost on the way from the ceremony to the reception, causing delays and stress for the couple. Instead of travelling to a separate site for the ceremony, everything can take place in one convenient location. This can save couples time and money, as well as provide a more relaxed and enjoyable experience for all involved.

Couples can also save money on decor costs. Many couples spend a significant amount of money on flowers and decor to beautify the ceremony venue, only to leave it behind. However, by opting for a ceremony in the same location as the reception, couples can reuse the flowers and decor at the reception. This also ensures that the decor has a cohesive look throughout the day.

WedPro The Rise Of The Civil Ceremony Ireland

An Opportunity For Wedding Venues

As the popularity of non-religious ceremonies continues to rise, wedding venues have the perfect opportunity to seize the moment and offer exceptional packages to meet the demands of modern couples. It’s important to note that today’s couples seek to express their love and commitment in a way that resonates with their values, and your wedding offer must reflect this.

By hosting civil ceremonies on your premises, wedding venues can provide a seamless experience for couples and their guests, while opening up new revenue streams. Offering a range of wedding packages that include both ceremony and reception can not only increase booking rates but also provide more value to clients. The rise of the civil ceremony presents an excellent opportunity for wedding venues to stand out from competitors, increase conversion rates, and offer a more enjoyable and convenient experience.

This shift in tradition signifies the changing attitudes towards religion and the growing desire for personalised and flexible wedding ceremonies. As modern couples continue to seek unique and meaningful wedding experiences, the trend towards non-religious ceremonies is likely to keep growing in the coming years.

Discover all this and more in our 2023 Wedding Industry Report. We’ve collected insights from over 2,500 engaged couples in Ireland and the UK through our Ultimate Survey, giving you an exclusive glimpse into the highs and lows of wedding planning. Whether you’re a seasoned wedding professional or just starting out, this report is a must-read. Stay ahead of the game by understanding what modern couples are looking for and how the current climate is shaping their wedding planning strategies.

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