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Learn how to increase your revenue and profitability. Optimise your pricing strategy, upsell and cross-sell your services, and create additional revenue streams.

WedPro The Wedding Lifecycle eBook

What is

the wedding lifecycle?

The Wedding Lifecycle is a framework that shows the 11 stages of the wedding journey for couples and wedding venues. It helps you understand what your couples need, expect, and feel at each stage and how to create unforgettable experiences for them. 

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"I attended the fantastic webinar series on The Wedding Lifecycle hosted by Alix and Carys. It has been great to share experiences and listen to strategies from other like-minded wedding nerds!”
Beth Hope , wedding Coordinator
"The webinar series was great and I have taken away lots of ideas. The key thing for us is to see how we can implement some of the ideas and practices that we don’t already have in place."
Sandra Cunnigham, Sales Manager