COVID19 and the Wedding Industry – SPECIAL REPORT


For more than a decade, we’ve worked hand-inhand with our WeddingDates clients, helping them to build their wedding businesses, take more than 30,000 bookings, and grow their revenues. From Day 1 of lockdown, we’ve seen the massive impact COVID has had on our venues and suppliers alike.

In May of 2020, we decided to look at how COVID is impacting brides and grooms. We surveyed more than 500 engaged people from the UK, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. We asked questions unlike any survey we’ve ever conducted, looking at crucial information on rescheduling, cancellations, mental and financial impact, and how brides and grooms see their weddings in a post-pandemic world.


We have faith in the ability of our clients and our industry to weather this storm, to pivot business strategy, to look ahead and to thrive. We hope this report helps you to do just that. Click on the image below to grab your free copy:

Updated 16/03/2023: If you are interested in learning more about the wedding industry in the UK and Ireland, then down load our 2023 reports.

UK Report: Download it here

Irish Report: Download it here.