I-Ddicted To Weddingdates.Ie?!

Ah, the wonderous interwebs never cease to amaze me.  Imagine the surprise when I came into work this morning and discovered that a website called iddictive.com (Addicted to Innovative, Interesting and Inspiring Ideas) had written about weddingdates.ie […]

Wife Carrying 2010 – Irish Heats

The Irish heats for the 2010 Wife Carrying Championships in Finland were held last weekend in Sneem, Co. Kerry as part of the Sneem Family Festival Naturally, the weddingdates.ie team were out in force and […]

In The Meeja

I am still reeling from the success of the Wife Carrying in Finland, both as a competitor on the Irish Relay Team, but also as a publicity stunt for the business, we have been featured […]

Movin’ On UP!

Here at the weddingdates.ie headquarters, we were delighted to take on our first full time employee – someone else to share the copious cups of coffee with! Paul has joined us as CTO and will be […]

First TV Mention!

I was overjoyed this morning to see that weddingdates.ie was promoted as one of the Top 5 websites of the week by Ireland AM on TV3! Great plug for the website to be on national […]

The New Irish Bride

It’s a great day when a prestigious Irish Glossy Magazine calls to ask your input on an article they are putting together and that’s exactly what happened to me 2 weeks ago when the Irish […]