Boost Revenue Potential with Onsite Ceremonies

Boost Revenue Potential with Onsite Wedding Ceremonies

Enhance your wedding venue’s revenue potential. WedPro’s expert advice on considerations and upsell opportunities when hosting onsite wedding ceremonies at your venue

As wedding professionals, we’re always looking for new ways to boost revenue while maintaining great experiences for couples. One often underestimated avenue for income with great potential is onsite wedding ceremonies. If you don’t already host them, this could be a game-changer for your venue’s bottom line! 

48% of Irish Couples and 62% of UK Couples told us they plan to have their wedding ceremony at the reception venue.

Integrating ceremonies into your venue’s list of services will elevate your curbside appeal and open the door to plenty of upselling opportunities. Think about décor packages, audiovisual enhancements, and speciality seating. With a little creativity and a dash of innovation, it’s possible to turn each ceremony into a lucrative event.

Incorporating onsite ceremonies can be a game-changer for wedding venues

Couples increasingly seek convenience and a cohesive experience for their wedding day, so venues offering the ability to host both the ceremony and reception under one roof will stand out from the competition. The strategic addition of hosting ceremonies to your list of services simplifies couples’ planning process and will enhance their overall customer satisfaction.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider hosting ceremonies at your wedding venue:
  1. Added convenience: Convenience is key for couples juggling numerous wedding planning decisions and leading already busy lives. They could find the appeal of a ceremony and reception in one venue irresistible. By providing onsite ceremonies, you simplify their planning process and simplify their wedding day – a definite winner for your couple and their guests. It also gives you more control over the day, as you don’t have to consider external factors causing late arrivals.
  2. Boosted bookings and revenue: You will naturally attract a wider range of clients. Couples looking for a seamless wedding experience are more inclined to book a venue that will host both the ceremony and reception. The decline in religious ceremonies continues, resulting in more bookings and increased revenue for your venue.
  3. Enhanced client satisfaction: Simplifying the wedding process leads to happier clients. From the moment they arrive at your venue to the final farewell, guests can relax and enjoy the festivities without worrying about travel logistics. Offering onsite ceremonies shows your commitment to a comprehensive, convenient experience, earning you positive reviews and referrals from satisfied couples.
  4. Maximised venue utilisation: Hosting ceremonies on-site allows you to maximise your venue space by keeping it active throughout the day. Rather than sitting idle between events, your venue is in continuous use, from the ceremony through to the reception, enhancing your revenue potential. This flexibility increases revenues and appeals to couples seeking a venue that can adapt to their vision.
  5. Customisation opportunities: Modern couples value personalisation in their wedding. With onsite ceremonies, you can offer a variety of settings – whether an outdoor garden, a romantic indoor space, or a mix of both – allowing couples to create a unique, memorable experience. By catering to these individual preferences, you position your venue as a top choice for couples seeking a personalised wedding.

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Upselling opportunities for wedding venues when hosting onsite ceremonies

Onsite ceremonies open the door to upselling opportunities, further boosting revenue potential. Here are our top upselling options to consider:

  • Ceremony Rehearsal Dinners: Exclusive rehearsal dinner packages for the bridal party and close family members to gather and practice for the ceremony, followed by a celebratory meal at the venue.
  • Bridal Suite Pampering: VIP bridal suite pampering packages including hairstyling, makeup services, and relaxation treatments for the bride and bridal party to indulge in before the ceremony.
  • Groomsmen Lounge Experience: VIP groomsmen lounge experience with access to a private suite or designated area equipped with gaming consoles, refreshments, and entertainment options for pre-ceremony bonding.
  • Transportation Services: Shuttle or transportation services for guests to and from the ceremony area, ensuring convenience and ease of access for all attendees.

  • Audiovisual Enhancements: Premium sound systems, decorative lighting, and multimedia displays elevate the auditory and visual experience of the ceremony.
  • Live Streaming Services: Professional live streaming services for couples who want to share their ceremony with loved ones who are unable to attend in person, ensuring inclusivity and connectivity.
  • Ceremony Officiant Services: In-house or recommended officiant services for couples seeking a trusted and experienced individual to officiate their ceremony.
  • Ceremony Pet Attendant: Professional pet attendant services ensure the seamless participation of furry friends in the ceremony, including grooming, handling, and coordination.

  • Ceremony Drone Videography: Drone videography services capture the stunning ceremony and venue aerial footage, providing a unique perspective and cinematic experience for the couple’s wedding video.
  • Speciality Seating: Upgraded seating options such as elegant Chiavari chairs, plush lounge seating, or decorative chair covers add a level of luxury to the ceremony.
  • Post-Ceremony Celebrations: Packages for post-ceremony receptions or cocktail hours with refreshments, hors d’oeuvres, and entertainment to extend the celebration beyond the ceremony.
  • Signature Cocktail Packages: Signature cocktail packages featuring personalised drink options inspired by the couple’s favourite flavours or themes, add a special touch to the post-ceremony celebration.
  • Interactive Guest Experiences: Interactive elements like guest book stations, photo booths, or DIY activity stations engage guests and create memorable moments during the ceremony.

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Incorporating onsite wedding ceremonies into your venue’s offerings isn’t just savvy – it’s strategic. It will allow your venue to stand out in a crowded market while opening up fresh revenue streams. By putting convenience, customisation, and top-notch service front and centre, you’re not just hosting weddings – you’re curating excellent experiences. Your venue could be the ultimate destination for couples seeking a seamless and memorable wedding day.  Say “I do” to onsite ceremonies and watch your business grow!

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