A Day In The Life Of A Wedding Coordinator

Beth Hope, Weddings and Events Coordinator at Castle Green Hotel.

An Inside Look into the Life of a Wedding Coordinator: Unveiling the Expertise of Beth Hope at Castle Green Hotel

Planning a wedding is no small feat. From envisioning the perfect ceremony to coordinating every intricate detail, it takes a dedicated professional to bring the dream wedding to life. In our search to gain insight into the fascinating world of wedding coordination, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Beth Hope, the exceptional Weddings and Events Coordinator at Castle Green Hotel.

Through this interview, we aim to uncover the magic that takes place behind closed doors, as Beth sheds light on the challenges and triumphs that shape her journey as a wedding coordinator. Whether you’re an aspiring professional in the wedding industry or a curious couple eager to understand the intricacies of event planning, join us on this captivating journey through Beth’s world.

What is your role and what does your day-to-day look like?

As the Weddings and Events Coordinator at Castle Green Hotel, my role covers a diverse range of responsibilities, ensuring that each day brings new and exciting challenges. Being the first point of contact for couples asking about our services, I begin my day by promptly responding to enquiries and sending WedMails (WedPro’s automated and personalised email sequences), ensuring that every couple receives the attention and information they need.

A significant part of my day involves meeting with couples to discuss their vision and bringing all the necessary arrangements together. Each couple getting married at Castle Green Hotel has three scheduled appointments at the venue. These meetings are crucial for understanding their preferences and ensuring that their dream wedding becomes a reality. 

In addition to client interactions, I also find myself engaging in activities like creating videos for TikTok or capturing Instagram-worthy content. 

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How long have you been working as part of the wedding team?

I have been working in the wedding industry for 4 years and I joined Castle Green in September 2022.

Do you solely work with weddings at the venue? If not, what other tasks do you manage?

We host all kinds of events here at Castle Green. Apart from weddings I also plan school proms, funeral teas and award ceremonies. You name it we do it! Every enquiry received is different to the next.

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What do you think are the most important skills to have as a Wedding Coordinator?

As a Wedding Coordinator, patience becomes an invaluable trait. It’s essential to recognise that many couples are new to the experience of planning a wedding. While we, as coordinators, live and breathe weddings, we must remember that our couples may not possess the same level of familiarity. Considering that many couples also juggle full-time jobs alongside planning, their time to organise everything is limited. So when couples attend meetings without being completely organised, we need to approach them with patience and understanding.

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How has your role changed over the last few years?

In recent years, the wedding industry has witnessed a shift towards more intimate celebrations. We have noticed a growing preference among couples for smaller ceremonies and day receptions, instead of larger evening receptions. Although this was not initially part of our offered packages, we have adapted to this trend and introduced new options. However, as each couple has unique requirements we are still finding our feet with it! I have had to expand my knowledge beyond the traditional concept of weddings and have to create a new vision of what our couples are looking for from our venue.

With the transition to a new venue, my role has also transformed, moving from an operational focus to a fully office-based setting. This change has allowed me to allocate more time to administrative tasks, attend webinars, and engage in in-person training. By actively participating in these learning opportunities, I have been able to further enhance my wedding expertise and gain insights from other industry experts. I now also have the opportunity to explore the potential of social media by managing our weddings’ Instagram page and embracing the creative world of TikTok.

“Over the past 3 weeks, I have attended this fantastic Three-Part Webinar Series hosted by Alix and Carys from WeddingDates. It has been great to share experiences and listen to strategies from other like-minded wedding nerds!” – Beth Hope

What new wedding trends have you noticed?

Lately, I have observed a growing trend of couples deviating from traditional wedding customs and embracing a more personalised approach to their special day. We’ve seen speeches made by the maid of honour, the couple’s children, and even groups doing raps as an alternative speech. We love it!

What’s your proudest moment as a wedding coordinator?

One of my proudest moments as a wedding coordinator was when I joined Castle Green and had the opportunity to meet a couple who had already booked their wedding at our venue. Their original Wedding Coordinator had recently left the company, and I was entrusted with taking over their wedding plans. Understandably, they expressed their nervousness as their wedding was being planned by someone else up until that point. I was feeling the pressure to deliver!

After meeting with them, the bride emailed me to say how relaxed she was feeling after having met me and expressed how impressed she was with my knowledge of their wedding plans. The couple tied the knot in December and sent me the loveliest review.

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What do you love about being a Wedding Coordinator?

I just love engaging with all of my clients and couples and building relationships with them. When the couples planning their wedding at our venue come in for a details appointment I sometimes forget that I’m with a client and feel like I’m just catching up with friends over a coffee! I love discussing wedding ideas and bringing them to life.

Have you received anything special from a couple as a thank you? 

During the peak of the wedding season last year, my home resembled a florist’s shop! A bride once gave me her bouquet to take home I had some of the petals dried and pressed into a frame as a keepsake.

What’s your biggest challenge or frustration in your job?

The biggest challenge I face is finding a balance in meeting the diverse needs of our clients. As a venue that caters to various events such as weddings, conferences, and awards ceremonies, it can be quite challenging to ensure that we have the appropriate decor and facilities to satisfy everyone’s preferences. Wedding couples often seek a blank canvas to bring their specific vision to life, whereas commercial clients enjoy a space with a certain character when spending prolonged hours in intense meetings within the same room. 

Striving to accommodate both groups can be a source of frustration since it is not always feasible to completely transform the venue’s appearance for each different occasion. We have to acknowledge that we cannot be the ideal venue for every client and event. 

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How do you handle difficult situations?

I always try to remain calm in difficult situations, the calmer you are the better your brain will function to find a solution. Fortunately, at Castle Green, I am supported by an incredible team who are always there to provide support, assistance and guidance. 

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If applicable, how has WedPro by WeddingDates helped your venue’s day-to-day tasks?

WedPro was new to me coming to Castle Green and I now find it hard to imagine how I ever managed without it. We use WedMail to gently chase interested couples to book a visit with us and help us stay at the forefront of their minds. I love how WedPro generates these for us to send, otherwise, it would be such hard work trying to remember what to send to who, and when!

Any advice for someone that wants to pursue a career as a wedding coordinator?

It’s not all about making TikTok videos and brides giving you their bouquets. The job of a Wedding Coordinator can be extremely challenging, with long hours and late evenings, and sometimes you can feel like a mediator between couples disagreeing at appointments. It can also happen that couples have visions that are way out of your venue’s capabilities and it is your responsibility to come up with an alternative creative solution. Overall it is a really rewarding career and one I am extremely passionate about, but like any job it certainly has challenges. 

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Whether you’re planning your wedding, considering a career in event coordination, or simply fascinated by the intricate workings of the wedding industry, we hope this article has provided valuable insights and inspiration. The world of wedding coordination is a testament to the power of creativity, dedication, and the importance of weaving dreams into reality.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Beth Hope and Castle Green Hotel for opening the doors to their world and sharing their expertise with us. Their passion and expertise serve as a guiding light for anyone embarking on their wedding planning journey. To talk to our team about how WedPro by WeddingDates can help take your wedding business to the next level please book a demo here.

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