5 Things That Are Frustrating Your Couples

Addressing Couples’ Frustrations in 2024: Discover actionable strategies to tackle common challenges faced by engaged couples and enhance their wedding planning experience.

Planning a wedding is a journey filled with excitement, love, and dreams of a perfect day. Yet, amidst the joyous whirlwind of wedding preparations, there are certain challenges, headaches and hurdles nearlyweds commonly encounter. As wedding professionals, we must understand what is frustrating modern couples and provide proactive solutions to ensure a smooth and delightful experience for our clients. 

Drawing from insights gleaned from our latest Wedding Industry Report, let’s delve into the top five frustrations faced by engaged couples and explore how we can address them effectively.

We all prefer to accentuate the positive, so let’s not view this as dwelling on the negatives. Instead, it’s about grasping the current landscape. Understanding and addressing couples’ frustrations isn’t just about making things better for them, it’s about helping your business grow. By knowing what challenges they’re dealing with, you can exceed their expectations. They’ll be happier and more likely to stick with you, which could mean more wedding bookings in the long run. After all, when couples love what you do, they’re more likely to tell their friends about you too!

So, let’s get to it – 5 Things That Are Frustrating Your Couples

Lack of Pricing Transparency:

One of the foremost concerns for engaged couples is the need for more transparency when it comes to pricing. Hidden costs and unclear pricing structures can lead to confusion and frustration. To alleviate this concern, prioritise transparency in your pricing models. Clearly outline all costs, including extras, in your packages and make this information easily accessible on your website and marketing materials. By providing transparent pricing, you empower couples to make informed decisions without any unwelcome surprises.

“Our biggest frustration was no prices displayed online and being sent brochures with no pricing. It’s wasting my time and theirs. Just advertise your prices and attract the right target audience.”

Providing clear pricing information builds trust with potential clients, demonstrating honesty and integrity in your business practices, ultimately increasing the likelihood of bookings.

On Thursday we’ll be hosting a live, interactive session to discuss how your venue can turn this around and ensure your transparent pricing WINS you more wedding enquiries. Register here. 

Difficulty Comparing Costs:

Comparing costs between different venues can be daunting for engaged couples, given the variations in package inclusions and pricing structures. Simplify this process by presenting your pricing information in a clear and standardised format. Break down your packages into easily understandable components, enabling couples to make meaningful comparisons. By facilitating this process, you assist couples in choosing the venue that best fits their budget and vision.

“Not getting a proper price from the start is frustrating – especially when additional charges are being added that make the venue a lot more expensive than you realise from the outset.”

By simplifying the cost-comparison process, venues make it easier for couples to see the value they offer, potentially leading to more bookings as couples can more confidently choose their venue.

This year 69% of couples in Ireland and 54% of nearlyweds in the UK told us quality is more important than cost when choosing a wedding venue. Keep this in mind when displaying and communicating pricing and packages with your couples. You’ll find stats like these and so much more in our 2024 Wedding Industry Report.

Hidden Costs:

Hidden costs can quickly sour the wedding planning experience, eroding trust and causing undue stress. Be upfront about any additional fees or charges that may apply to your services. Transparency is key to fostering trust and building strong relationships with your clients. By disclosing all potential costs from the outset, you demonstrate integrity and ensure that couples can budget effectively without fear of unexpected expenses.

“We had a hard time understanding what was included and excluded from the venue’s prices and making sure there were no ‘hidden costs’.”

Being transparent about all costs upfront helps to establish a reputation for reliability and fairness, fostering trust with clients and increasing the likelihood of a positive experience.

Feeling Pressured to Book:

The decision to book a wedding venue is a significant one, and couples seek assurance and confidence in their choice. However, feeling pressured or rushed by venue staff can detract from this experience. Approach interactions with couples with empathy and patience, providing ample time for viewings and consultations. Avoid applying undue pressure to secure bookings swiftly, as this may lead to apprehension and hesitancy on the part of the couple.

“The process is very overwhelming – some venues were very pushy to get you to book their venue, making us feel uncomfortable.”

If you do need to nudge the couple to book, there are ways of incentivising commitment without making them feel pressured. By offering special incentives or limited-time offers, you can gently encourage them to decide without adding undue stress to the process. Find out more about increasing your venue’s conversion rates and how to WOW your couples with carefully considered incentives.

By respecting the couple’s decision-making process and avoiding undue pressure, venues create a positive and supportive experience, leading to greater satisfaction and potential for future referrals.

Slow or Lack of Responses:

Effective communication is paramount in the wedding planning process, yet slow or non-responsive communication can cause frustration and anxiety for engaged couples. Make responsiveness a priority in your interactions, addressing enquiries and concerns promptly. Implement systems and processes to streamline communication channels, ensuring that no query goes unanswered. By being attentive and accessible, you instil confidence in your professionalism and dedication to providing exceptional service.

“One of the most frustrating things is sending enquiries via email and receiving little to no feedback, and difficulty getting through to venues by phone.”

Our 2024 Wedding Industry Report found that 43% of UK couples and 50% of couples in Ireland expect a response within 48 hours of enquiring. Prompt and attentive communication showcases professionalism and dedication, enhancing the venue’s reputation for excellent customer service and increasing the likelihood of securing bookings.

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You might be thinking, “Oh, we already have everything under control!” And that’s fantastic! However, just by staying informed about the current climate and understanding the thoughts and feelings of modern couples, you can take proactive steps to address their frustrations. By doing so, we not only enhance the wedding planning experience but also fortify our relationships with our clients. Together, let us navigate these challenges with empathy, professionalism, and a shared commitment to creating unforgettable wedding experiences.

If you want to delve deeper into the frustrations and challenges that modern couples face during the wedding planning process, we invite you to download our 2024 Wedding Industry Report. In this comprehensive report, we surveyed over 2000 engaged couples in Ireland and the UK to gain valuable insights into what they desire, as well as what they wish to avoid when planning their special day. By accessing this report, you will gain a deeper understanding of the evolving needs and expectations of couples today, empowering your wedding business to tailor their services and offerings to better meet these demands.

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