2024 Ireland Wedding Industry Report Key Takeaways

2024 Ireland Wedding Industry Report WedPro by Wedding Dates

Unlocking Success: 10 Key Insights from Ireland’s Wedding Industry Report 2024

As WeddingDates celebrates 16 years of empowering venues to thrive, we are thrilled to unveil our ninth annual report, offering an in-depth exploration of the wedding industry in Ireland. Spanning 27 pages, this year’s report delves into the desires, challenges, and aspirations of newly engaged couples, providing invaluable insights into what truly matters when it comes to planning the perfect wedding. From understanding what couples want to what they hope to avoid, our report serves as a comprehensive guide for wedding venues seeking to exceed expectations and create unforgettable experiences for their clients.

Dive into the heart of Ireland’s wedding industry as we unveil the top 10 key takeaways from our comprehensive Industry Report for 2024. From shifting consumer trends to emerging market dynamics, this insightful analysis sheds light on the trends shaping the future of weddings in Ireland.

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  • Rethink the experience: A concerning 68% of engaged couples are not being made to feel special during the enquiry process. They’ve indicated to us that while looking for a wedding venue nothing stood out to them or they felt like just a number with the process being very generic. To stand out, venues must prioritise personalisation, offering a memorable and tailored experience for each couple.
  • Address the impact of the cost of living: The rising cost of living has significantly impacted wedding budgets prompting couples to extend lead times and defer their weddings for financial planning. This year 59% of survey respondents indicated their budgets have been impacted and 58% said their wedding planning has been impacted. To better support couples navigating rising living costs, prioritise pricing transparency and flexibility in your offerings.2024 Ireland Industry Report Wedding Budgets
  • Reassess minimum guest requirements: Economic factors have influenced wedding planning, with 69% of couples planning to invite 150 or fewer guests. This highlights the importance of venues reassessing their minimum guest requirements to ensure inclusivity and realistic options for their couples. Want to know what the average guest number is? Download the full report to find out!
  • Email communication dominates: With a staggering 78% of couples preferring to mostly communicate with their venue using email, it’s evident that efficient email systems and automated sequences are non-negotiable for venues striving to streamline their processes and enhance communication efficiency. We also uncovered that half of all couples now expect a reply within 48 hours – don’t make them wait! Timely communication and proactive engagement can foster trust and satisfaction among couples. 

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  • Embrace the trend of wedding fairs: Wedding fairs are experiencing a surge in popularity, presenting venues with a prime opportunity to engage with actively planning couples and expand their reach. This year 69% expressed they had attended or are planning to attend venue open days or wedding fairs, an increase from 51% in 2023. Participation in these events can enhance visibility and attract potential clients. Want to know what the main reasons are for attending a wedding fair? Page 13 of the report includes a full analysis.
  • Seasonal pricing and wedding dates: For the first time we’ve asked couples if seasonal pricing affected their decision when choosing a wedding date and 69% said it DID NOT! However, the 31% that said it did are willing to adjust plans to secure better rates and indicated choosing a mid-week or an off-peak wedding is considered a more budget-friendly alternative. For more information on the most popular day to get married download the report and turn to page 5.
    2024 Wedding Industry Report Key Takeaways WedPro by WeddingDates
  • Every showround counts: Couples are very discerning about the venues they will spend time going to view in person. This year’s report found that 72% of couples view only three wedding venues or less before booking. With such limited opportunities to make an impression, venues must ensure they deliver exceptional experiences during each showround to stand out in the minds of couples.
  • Knowledgeable staff are crucial: 44% of respondents prioritise an exceptional wedding coordinator when selecting their wedding venue, however, couples expressed frustration over poor communication, unresponsiveness, and service coordination issues during the venue selection process. While staff may not be the sole determining factor for couples when looking at venues, their effectiveness can influence the decision greatly.

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  • TikTok is taking off: While Instagram remains the go-to platform for wedding inspiration, capturing 65% of couples’ attention, TikTok is rapidly gaining popularity, now at 31%. This trend highlights the need for wedding professionals to adjust their marketing approaches to engage with couples on emerging platforms where they are seeking inspiration.
  • Prioritise instant brochure delivery: Immediate delivery of brochures via email is vital – modern couples are expecting swift responses and delays can result in missed opportunities. 53% of couples indicated they prefer to receive the wedding brochure immediately via email up from 34% in 2021. Venues should establish quick and effective systems to meet couples’ expectations and avoid the risk of losing potential bookings.

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By leveraging these insights and adapting strategies accordingly, wedding venues can position themselves for success in an increasingly competitive market, ensuring memorable experiences for couples on their special day. 

Want to get your hands on the full report? Download your copy here!

Delve deeper into the latest trends and insights by downloading the full 2024 Ireland Wedding Industry Report. Inside, you’ll discover a thorough analysis of data collected from our survey of recently engaged couples, providing valuable insights into consumer behaviour, preferences, and expectations. Whether you’re a seasoned industry professional or a newcomer aiming to establish your presence, this report offers essential guidance to shape your business strategies and achieve success in the competitive wedding market.

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