We all know well that the wedding industry is constantly changing due to new trends, tastes and even technology. Now, more than ever, it’s crucial that hospitality and wedding professionals understand the wants and needs of their potential customers (aka brides and grooms) in order to grab their share of the market.

At the start of 2019, we surveyed more than 1,400 engaged individuals in the Republic of Ireland to bring you the very latest data on the key drivers in hotel and venue wedding sales. Take a look below at our key findings and view our infographic detailing the latest trends in wedding planning.

Who did we hear from?

We surveyed 1,400 engaged people all over Ireland about their upcoming nuptials, two-thirds of whom already had their Venue booked. The vast majority of them fell into the beautiful bride category (90%) aged 25-34. Almost 80% of these millennial brides were in the middle of planning a 2019/2020 Wedding while 10% were still undecided.

When & Where will they say ‘I do’?

Summer weddings are still a favourite with Irish couples with August and June topping the bill. Last year we saw Friday emerge as the most popular day to wed but Saturday has taken over again now with 44% of respondents. Most people will still marry here at home but those opting to marry abroad or elope is on the rise. Just over half will have a church wedding as we continue to see the rise of civil ceremonies and other non-traditional blessings.

What’s the budget breakdown?

Some traditions still ring true with 48% telling us that their partner picked the ring – two-thirds will spend up to €5,000 on the bling! With 45% spending more than €20,000 on their wedding, most couples rely on their savings to pay for their big day. When it comes to splashing the cash, the Venue is in the no.1 spot for budget allocation, followed by Food & Drink, Entertainment and Dress & Suits. This year we asked the per head cost for the venue and 35% said they’d be spending €50-65 and 25% said €65-80. Not too shabby! Big Irish Weddings are still popular with 31% inviting over 180 people! It’s no wonder 41% don’t plan to invite any evening guests with so many attending the day itself.

What’s the venue verdict?

While Hotels are still the most popular venue choice, they are declining in popularity in favour of Country Houses/Exclusive Use Venues. Venues certainly need to roll out the red carpet when the happy couple comes to call as 71% will visit just 3 venues or less before making their decision. The traditional sign down meal is still the favourite in Ireland and most brides describe their style as traditional or romantic. No wonder 46% of them will have a candy cart!  Check out our Infographic for some top facts!

Updated 16/03/2023: Want more information? Download our Irish Wedding Industry Report 2023 here.

Click on the infographic below to see some more details on the latest wedding planning trends in Ireland: