10 things to help your team work from home

Most of us are 6 weeks sheltering in place since lockdown and while things are looking more hopeful, for those who are working from home, it can still be difficult to manage emotions and juggle the work/life balance in this new world order. 

We recently shared our thoughts about how you can help your clients at this time. But what about you, and your team?  

On Friday last week it was Workplace Wellbeing day, so I asked the WeddingDates team to share their thoughts about how they are coping with working from home. 

With love from our team to yours 💜

Start your day with a routine similar to what would always have done – eat breakfast, shower, get dressed etc.   It can help you feel like things haven’t changed that much.

Plan. As much as you can, set yourself dedicated working hours – if you plan in advance it will help to keep you focussed and avoid distractions.

Make a clear definition between work and home life:  Get outside for a short walk in the morning, before you start work. That way, when you come in your front door you are “heading into the office” – it really helps the mindset.

If you can’t go for a walk first thing at least try to get outside in nature every day – a little fresh air can make such a difference to your frame of mind especially if you are feeling overwhelmed. 

Take regular breaks.  Coffee breaks or lunch will be restorative, as well as getting you moving out of your chair. If you can, avoid your phone during these breaks to get away from the screen. All the better if you can squeeze in that walk on your lunchtime. 

Listen to music – consider how you are feeling and seek out playlists. This can help with concentration, relaxation, motivation. 

In the evening, redefine that line between work and home:  leave your laptop out of the way so you are not tempted to work or “quickly check” your email. Turn off your phone notifications.

In your down time, try out new things – is there a forgotten hobby, or something new you’ve been meaning to do?

Reframe the situation – be positive and look on the bright side. Imagine if this happened back in the 90’s. We’d have no YouTube, Netflix or Spotify to see us through. We’d be stuck listening to a tape of the Backstreet Boys on repeat!

Remember why you are doing this.This new way of living and working will be happening for a while. We’re doing this to protect our loved ones and the vulnerable in society. In a way, we’re all superheroes protecting people by social distancing and adhering to the guidelines. Give yourself a clap on the back for that.

What things are you and your team doing to get through this? Let me know.

It won’t be long now! Stay home, stay safe.


P.S. Jack says: “Thanks to my colleagues who helped me come up with this list – I asked them what’s the first thing you are going to do when the restrictions are lifted?”

Alix Mattania-Allerton, UK Sales Manager – Get together with family and friends for lunch

Elaine Oughton, Accounts –  HUG MY PARENTS…  and leave my children with them for a day or two!

Chris McCarthy, Software Developer – Go to see my family and friends

Priscilla Smith, IT Intern – I can’t wait for the day life goes back to normal – I will be going out for lunch with my friends

Ciara Crossan, Founder & CEO – Pack the car and head to Kerry for a long weekend by the sea, with the kids, my parents & the BBQ

Jack Foley

Marketing Intern at WeddingDates

With a love for storytelling and content creation, Jack is a final year student at CIT, where he is chairperson of the CIT Marketing Society